Book 8: The Way to Happiness Course

The degradation of drug addiction or alcoholism robs people of their best qualities. Kindness, honestly, integrity, the ability to help others and care for children, even the desire to learn and prosper can all be completely destroyed by years of drug or alcohol abuse.

Once a person begins an effective rehabilitation program, they begin to recover some of their better qualities. However, this process could be very slow unless one had a guidebook to help him put the pieces back together. For those on the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, that guidebook is the Narconon The Way to Happiness Course.

The slim book that one studies as part of this course contains far more help than might be apparent at first glance. It contains twenty-one vital guidelines to good survival. By learning these points thoroughly, one can help others survive and one has a more stable understanding of one’s own survival.

As each person in recovery works their way through this course, they are asked to take these survival concepts and explain them in their own words and then show how they can use each one in life. By this continuous method of learning contrasted with working out ways to apply the information in life, these lessons really hit home.

The overall effect of this course is to restore one’s sense of personal values. This stabilizes each person’s ability to make the correct decisions in life, ones that build a happy and successful future.

The Way to Happiness is a non-denominational, non-religious moral code. It is based on the common sense of seeing what helps people survive and what tears down their survival. Understanding clearly what makes a productive, enjoyable life different from an unhappy, destructive one is a key lesson when one wants to stay sober. Then a constructive, sober path is easier to follow for the rest of one’s life.

Comments from those who have studied this course on the Narconon program:

“I learned a lot of things on the Narconon The Way to Happiness Course. It was very helpful and taught me how to live a good, moral, clean and healthy life.” N.T.

“This course was very helpful. All the things I read, I had heard of before. But it gave me a better idea of how they apply to everyday life. I have already started working on using many of the precepts* covered in The Way to Happiness.” J.M.

“This course made me realize what it takes to live a happy life. I am excited to use the precepts and maintain my happiness. Life is great and has a lot to offer. I feel better now and am confident in what my abilities offer me and others. I am on my way to happiness.” M.M.

*precepts: directions meant as a rule or rules for conduct.

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