Book 3: Learning Improvement Course

When a person goes through rehab, he (or she) will have the greatest success if he is an active participant, not just a spectator. The person who gets all the way through a rehab program expecting other people to sort his life out for him is very likely to fail. But the person who wants to learn how to be more honest and how to deal with the problems in his life, and who then takes action to learn better life skills is much more likely to stay sober.

A person coming off months, years or even decades of substance abuse may have a hard time learning improved life skills for two major reasons. The first is that he is so disoriented and scattered by the trauma of the past that he may have a hard time focusing. The second is that he, in fact, may never have learned the basics of how to learn, even despite many years of school and college. Over the four decades of Narconon experience salvaging lives, it has proven necessary to provide basic learning skills for a person to succeed in this program.

A Gentle, Gradient Approach to Study

Studying and Learning

The Learning Improvement Course is a gentle approach to better study skills that gets those in recovery prepared for the life skills training that will follow. As each person learns how to successfully complete each step of the Narconon program, he rather automatically becomes more of a participant and less of a spectator.

This simple course starts a person out at the very fundamental level of why one takes up a study subject. He is taught the single major barrier that can prevent any learning at all, and then he gains the specific tools that help him absorb the materials he is studying.

The study technology offered by Narconon is based on the educational discoveries of L. Ron Hubbard. As he taught others, he learned what problems came up for them and developed simple techniques for overcoming them. What’s more, as a person gains these skills, he also advances his confidence that he can change his life for the better. This is another gain that helps a person focus on his recovery.

Students May Surprise Themselves

Some people starting this course may think they already know how to study but what they learn here may surprise them.

Some of the students completing this level had this to say:

“This course reminded me of the importance of not only fully grasping a theory but being able to put the theory to practical use.” N.S.

“I look forward to applying this information in my life and moving on through the program!” B.S.

“This course was very helpful. It taught me how to study all over again and how to comprehend what I am reading.” A.F.

“I have relearned how to learn. I thought I knew but I really didn’t know. This is something that will be with me forever and will help me forever.” S.M.

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