Book 7: Changing Conditions in Life Course

The Changing Conditions in Life Course is the seventh part of the Narconon rehab program. By this time, a person has been through considerable repair and recovery of the devastation wreaked by a drug habit. Now it is time for him (or her) to learn how to overcome problems, upsets and setbacks in life.

When a person has been a drug user, a setback like a job loss or argument with a spouse could be enough to trigger an episode of drug or alcohol abuse. To stay sober, a person in recovery must learn how to take a negative situation and turn it into one that is more positive before it has a chance to trigger drug or alcohol use. That is exactly what this course teaches.

Each person on this course learns to evaluate the seriousness of an adverse situation. This understanding guides the steps to be taken to remedy it. Then the exact paths to turn any situation around, from the mild to the severe, are laid out simply and clearly.

As each person in recovery progresses through this course, he not only learns these principles, he applies them as he goes along. With the help of counselors and supervisors, he reviews his life to locate the points of most destruction and then uses these techniques to salvage those areas.

For example, many people have committed crimes against their communities. They may work out ways they can benefit their communities so they can make amends and become positive influences. Many people also have to repair their relationships with their families and close friends as they progress through this course. Rather than these past upsets seeming like they have no resolution at all, Narconon students usually find that it is possible to restore communication with family members who may have previously given up on them.

As these areas of life are repaired, one after another, the relief a person feels is profound. This relief is part of each person’s recovery from addiction. This is on top of learning the tools to stay sober in the future.

Here’s some of the comments from those completing this step:

“I am glad that the Changing Conditions in Life Course gave me the formulas that I will apply in order for me to thrive in all areas of my life. I am taking the information from this course home with me for it is the true formula for success.” N.S.

“This course gave me the tools to live and improve any situation I have in life. I feel confident I can identify what condition I am in and be able to bring that condition up using these formulas.” M.M.

“Success! I’m glad to have finished the Changing Conditions in Life Course. I feel like I got a lot out of this book. It fills me with hope that I can now not only gauge where I’m at in life but can take action to change that and improve my situation.” D.M.

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