Narconon Nevada
Rehab Facility

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Nevada is located in the secluded hills a few hours from Las Vegas.

Sitting at the base of craggy mountains, Narconon Nevada enables its students to put drug use behind them and achieve a fully drug-free future. At this facility, you will find an ideal setting to complete the Narconon program, which addresses all aspects of addiction. This includes the repairing the physical damage caused by drug abuse, restoring one’s own personal integrity and rebuilding broken relationships.

When a person graduates from the substance abuse treatment program at Narconon in Nevada, they have the tools to make drug-free decisions for the rest of his or her life.

The facility provides all the amenities needed to ensure your successful completion of the program including nutritional meals, comfortable guest rooms, and peaceful private grounds with beautiful walking trails.

Dining Room

Nutritional dining helps speed recovery and repair. We provide every element that aligns with your success on the program.

Recreation Room

The recreation room has a pool table, ping-pong media center for movies and sports events.

Guest Rooms

Our Guest rooms provide the rest that is an essential part of the program.


Narconon Nevada’s grounds, beautiful walking trails, stress-free environment with every element aligned to your success on the program.

The Narconon program includes the unique sauna detoxification method that enables a person to eliminate drug residues that are lodged in the body and can affect them for years. This alone helps increase the addicts chance of staying sober for the long-term.

Once the person has been rehabilitated physically, they then complete their life skills training which gives them the tools to address situations in life that prior to the program would have triggered drug use.