Ren in Cannabis
September 12, 2023

Marijuana Use Labeled a Risk Factor for Post-Surgery Complications

A new study found that people who struggle with a marijuana addiction are 20% more likely to experience complications during and after surgery, such as stroke or blood clots. The findings present powerful evidence of the harmful effects of marijuana addiction, showing why people who struggle with such an addiction must seek help as soon as possible.


Ren in National News
August 31, 2023

Drugged Driving in America

An examination of recent data regarding drugged driving in the US shows the problem has worsened. And unlike drunk driving, public health officials and law enforcement have yet to establish effective protocols for preventing drugged driving.


Ren in Legislation
August 27, 2023

Can Washington’s New Drug Policy Improve Access to Addiction Treatment?

Washington State recently passed a law making it easier for drug addicts to access treatment without facing criminal punishment for possession infractions. Yet, unlike similar Oregon legislation passed last year, the Washington law does not legalize drugs or decriminalize possession.


Editorial Staff in Opioid Crisis
August 21, 2023

10 Questions to Ask Before Taking Opioid Painkillers

Patients must protect themselves from addictive medications by becoming informed on pharmaceutical drugs their doctors may try to prescribe them.


Editorial Staff in News
August 17, 2023

Addiction Treatment in the United States Rates Flatline While Overdoses Rise

According to preliminary data from CDC researchers, fatal overdoses were slightly higher in 2022 than in 2021, suggesting overdoses did not decline post-pandemic, as many public health experts thought they would. Meanwhile, treatment rates across the U.S.


Editorial Staff in Family Resources
August 10, 2023

What Enabling an Addict Looks Like: Ten Signs You’re Enabling Your Loved One

People who have a family member or loved one addicted to drugs and alcohol usually want to do everything they can to help that person get better, to assist them in breaking free from addiction and achieving a healthy, substance-free life.


Ren in Family Addiction
August 3, 2023

The Importance of Intervention Before Hitting Rock Bottom

Addiction does not happen overnight. Usually, there is a dwindling spiral aspect to it, where-in one begins to gradually lose control over their use of mind-altering substances. While most intervention approaches have historically focused on people who are already addicted to drugs or alcohol, it would be wise for family members to intervene with loved ones who are not yet addicted but who are headed in that direction.


Editorial Staff in Drug Prevention
July 29, 2023

Summertime Associated with Highest Risk for Teen Drug Use

New research has found that teens are most likely to use drugs for the first time during summer. Parents need to be aware of the unique factors and conditions that put teens at higher risk of drug experimentation during this season, so they can intervene and educate teen sons and daughters before they experiment with mind-altering substances.


Ren in Drug Prevention
July 27, 2023

‘Sense of Purpose’ a Critical Factor in Substance-Free Living

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania surveyed college students and found that the ‘sense of purpose’ factor was a critical predictor of whether college students drank alcohol excessively.


Ren in Sobriety
July 24, 2023

Sobriety at Summer Parties: Staying Off of Substances When Others Do Not

Summer is typically a season when recreational alcohol consumption and drug use increase, along with attendant injuries, accidents, illnesses, and even deaths. For those who are in recovery but still want to maintain social connections, summer is when such individuals must adopt strategies to strengthen their recovery.