Karen in Drug Rehabilitation
August 6, 2020

Why the COVID-19 Pandemic Makes NOW the Perfect Time to Get Sober

It's NEVER a good time to be addicted. But the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic ups the stakes considerably. If ever there was a time to reach out to a loved one—or reach out yourself—for sobriety, it's right now.


Karen in Alcohol
August 4, 2020

A Focus on Alcohol and COVID-19: Is There a Connection?

As countries around the world impose quarantines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, alcohol appears to be a complicating factor. Because so many confusing ideas are swirling through our news reports and social media, it's important to focus on the facts about alcohol and COVID-19.


Karen in Alcohol Abuse
August 4, 2020

Alcohol: The Great Equalizer

Alcohol can rob anyone of any description of their happiness, their health, prosperity and even their reason for living. The very kindest thing that can be done for a person losing everything to their dependence on alcohol is a firm insistence on recovery.


Ren in Family Addiction
July 31, 2020

Addiction and Domestic Abuse—Treating Addiction Helps Reduce Abuse Statistics

Drug and alcohol addiction causes untold harm not only to those immediately affected but also to their family members and loved ones. Sadly, domestic abuse, another serious problem, often appears in the same households where addiction occurs. How can both be addressed in a way that improves the lives of all involved?


Karen in Marijuana
July 28, 2020

Vaping, Your Lungs and Coronavirus

Some people consider that vaping is safer and healthier than smoking cigarettes or joints. But is it really healthier when it comes fighting off respiratory infections?


Ren in Drug Prevention
July 22, 2020

Five Steps Parents can Take to Prevent Substance Abuse Among Their Children

As drug addiction statistics and death rates climb, more parents are concerned that their sons and daughters will experiment with mind-altering substances and become hooked. What can parents do to ensure their kids never use drugs?


Ren in Marijuana Use
July 16, 2020

Young People Increasingly Use Juuls and E-Cigarettes to Vape Cannabis Products

Young people are at a formative, and impressionable time as they come into adolescence and move forward into adulthood. Sadly, more of them are being sucked into a rising trend of marijuana use, particularly marijuana use via Juuls, electronic cigarettes, and other vaporizer devices.


Karen in Sobriety
July 15, 2020

Dealing with COVID-19 Anxiety While Protecting Your Sobriety

It’s possible to become so anxious about our current situation that you forget all the ways it’s possible to rise above the anxiety and feel good about your life. We offer some positive suggestions.


Ren in Prescription drugs
July 14, 2020

When Offered a Prescription for Opioids, Consider Following These Tips

Suffering from physical pain can be harsh, even severely unpleasant. In 21st-century medicine, there are many ways to treat pain, opioid painkillers being the most well-known. But opioids are also very addictive, making it a risk for patients to take them. What can patients do when offered a prescription for painkillers?


Ren in Alcohol
July 11, 2020

Alcohol Consumption Soars During COVID-19

With tensions high and nerves on edge, millions of Americans have been sheltering at home during the COVID-19 health crisis. Some have stayed at home for several weeks without leaving. Sadly, alcohol consumption has soared during the crisis, and alcohol companies have raked in the profits while Americans put themselves at further risk. What can we learn from this? And how can we ensure it doesn't happen again?