Ren in Drug Addiction
September 13, 2019

Addiction Is “A Solution” that Becomes “The Problem”

The often false, painful and confusing narrative of how a person becomes addictive is at the center of much debate. For many years, addiction was seen as a problem for the inner city, or the morally weak. Worse, when a person didn't fit this narrative, they were labeled with different terms.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
September 12, 2019

The Financial Cost of Addiction

The headlines in U.S. News last week read, “Americans Spent $146 Billion on Illegal Drugs in 2016.” That’s a shocking figure. It’s a figure that drives home just how enormous our country’s drug problem is. But at the same time, a figure like that creates a lot of questions.


Ren in Drug-Related News
September 11, 2019

The Importance of Informed Consent in Opioid Drug Prescribing

Who doesn’t want to make informed decisions? Have you ever paid for a product or service on a whim and then regretted it after finding out the product or service wasn’t really what you wanted? You probably would not have made the purchase had you been more informed on what you were buying.


Ren in Prescription drugs
September 10, 2019

Individuals Are Finding It Hard to Get Off Antidepressants. Are They Addictive?

When we turn on the news and read about our nation’s drug addiction crisis, we are inundated with information about the opioid epidemic. We hear tag lines and keywords like “opioid overdoses,” “opiate addiction,” “the opioid epidemic,” “the opioid crisis,” and so on.


Ren in Legislation
September 9, 2019

Tide Turns On Pharmaceutical Industry As Leading Advocate Changes Mind On Pain Medication

An article in the New York Times from April 29th, 2019 shone a light on the opioid addiction crisis and highlighted a phenomenon we are very glad to see. Medical doctors, usually pain pill advocates, are turning their backs on pharmaceutical opioids and are making a stand against the very companies that manufacture them.


Ren in Family Addiction
September 8, 2019

Yet Another Urgent Reason to Help Addicted Parents

Suicide attempts are another risk factor for the children of addicted parents. We have known for some time that it is harmful for children to grow up in households where one or more of the parents is using drugs and alcohol. There is a wealth of research data to back that up.


Ren in Drug Information
September 7, 2019

Exploring the Off-Label Gabapentin Spike

If you’ve ever had a family member or friend who struggled with seizures, then you’ve probably heard of gabapentin. If not, let’s define it. Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic drug, an anticonvulsant. It’s one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the U.S.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
September 6, 2019

Substance Abuse, Native Youth, and Reversing a Harsh Trend

Drug addiction and alcohol misuse are human problems. By that I mean, this crippling crisis can befall anyone. No one is immune to the threat of addiction. No amount of money or social status can protect someone from the risk of addiction.


Ren in Drug Education
September 5, 2019

The Long-Term Harm of Steroid Misuse and Opioid Addiction

We see this often with people who are self-medicating on anabolic steroids. The misuse of anabolic steroids is harmful enough by itself. When we add another drug habit into the mix, for example, self-medication on opioid pain relievers, the drug habit becomes far more severe.


Ren in Drug Information
September 4, 2019

How to Get the Real College Experience

College is a fantastic opportunity to learn a great deal and to gain valuable experience in order to ready oneself for life as an adult. College is a time to learn a trade, or simply to further one's general education.