Ren in Alcohol Abuse
November 30, 2023

Data Now Suggests Home Delivery of Alcohol During Pandemic Created Permanent, Long-Term Harm

New business strategies sprung up during COVID-19 lockdowns. While many such ideas were innovative and helpful, some caused harm. For example, one strategy implemented by alcohol manufacturers involved delivering alcohol to the doorsteps of people who could not leave their homes due to lockdowns or COVID-19 quarantines.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
November 22, 2023

The Concept of “Holding One’s Liquor” Likely a Fallacy

A group of researchers found that people who regularly drink excessively were still impaired after heavy drinking, even if they thought they had a greater tolerance of alcohol. According to the researchers, the idea that heavy drinkers can somehow manage the effects that alcohol has on them, i.e., that they can “hold their liquor,” is almost certainly false.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
November 16, 2023

Why are Efforts to Combat Underage Drinking Stalling?

According to a recent report, several types of law enforcement strategies used to combat underage drinking are declining in terms of the frequency of their use by law enforcement departments. This is the wrong direction to go in.


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November 9, 2023

Pain Is a Legitimate Concern, but Patients Need Better Solutions Than Addictive Opioids

Millions of Americans suffer from acute and chronic pain conditions that severely reduce their quality of life. Unfortunately, the methods of treatment often prioritized for such individuals involve them taking addictive drugs like opioid pain reliever pills.


Ren in Marijuana
November 2, 2023

Rates of Opioid Painkiller Use Continue to Rise, Even in States that Legalize Medical Marijuana

Supporters of medical marijuana have often said that legalizing cannabis for medicinal pain relief purposes may help reduce the need for opioid painkillers. Proponents argue replacing opioid painkillers with medicinal cannabis will reduce painkiller addiction, overdose, and death, as millions of pain patients will switch from opioids to medicinal cannabis once cannabis is legal.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
October 26, 2023

Even “Moderate” Alcohol Consumption can Raise Blood Pressure and Cause Harm

A recent study found that even drinking alcohol in moderation can create blood pressure complications in otherwise healthy people. This finding adds to the growing scientific narrative that now challenges the “moderate drinking” concept, suggesting there is no level of safe or healthy alcohol consumption.



What Opioid Abuse Is Costing America

Learn the actual price of opioid addiction in America. This article delves into both the tragic personal and emotional costs as well as the financial burden suffered by every American. It also highlights various sectors of costs, such as employment, justice, healthcare, and emergency services.


Editorial Staff in Drug-Related News
October 8, 2023

Kratom Now Proven to Cause Fatal Overdose Risk

Initially identified and described as a herbal supplement, stories of kratom leading to fatal overdoses have recently made national news, bringing into question what risks the substance poses. Yet despite recent deaths, there is still very little regulation around kratom, as the substance is somewhat new to U.S. markets.


Ren in Drug-Related News
September 28, 2023

Healthcare Workers at High Risk of Addiction and Overdose

Addiction is often framed as a blue-collar, working-class problem or an issue faced mainly by people who are poor, homeless, or barely hanging on. When people think of addicts, they often think of people on the street. When people are asked to picture someone who struggles with addiction but who is fully employed, they might think of construction workers, miners, farmers, servers, bartenders, and general day laborers.


Ren in Drug Abuse Information
September 21, 2023

8 Tips for Tackling the Tough Talks: College, Alcohol, and Drugs

As fall semesters kick off across the nation, millions of American students head to universities. While academic pursuits dominate, many face the lure of partying and substance experimentation. It's crucial for parents to discuss the risks of alcohol and drugs with their children.