Ren in Drug-Related News
January 6, 2022

Meth Overdose Deaths Tripled in Recent Years

Newly published reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other organizations have shed light on recent surges in methamphetamine-related overdose deaths. According to the data, meth fatalities have tripled in recent years. And these aren’t just slight upticks either. Thousands of Americans are now dying from methamphetamine overdoses.


Julie in Alcohol Abuse
December 31, 2021

Why Has Binge Drinking in College Been Normalized?

Overindulging in alcohol in college has become so socially acceptable that it is almost seen as a right of passage into adulthood. The problem with normalizing binge drinking is that it doesn’t address the genuine dangers of overdrinking.


Julie in Health risks
December 30, 2021

Despite Claims Of Health Benefits, Drinking Alcohol Remains Leading Cause of Preventable Death

While there are numerous health benefits from consuming resveratrol, it is essential to remember that alcohol in any form is a known carcinogen. When it comes to resveratrol, there are other ways this nutrient can be added to one’s diet.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
December 29, 2021

The Western and Midwestern U.S. Hard Hit by Fentanyl Overdoses

For much of the 2010s, fentanyl addiction and overdoses surged in regional areas like the Northeast, Appalachia, and the Southeast. At the time, many experts believed fentanyl addiction and overdose would remain a localized crisis, not a national one. Unfortunately, recent reporting has indicated that the scope of fentanyl addiction and overdose has largely broadened, with the Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest now being ravaged by fentanyl addiction and overdose deaths.


Ren in Health risks
December 28, 2021

Risk Factors Connected to Addiction During Winter

There is never a “safe” time to be addicted to drugs. But there are times when risk factors spike, when addicts are in even more danger than they usually are. Given that drug overdoses tend to surge during winter, one can say that addicts face additional harm and danger during the colder months, necessitating increased efforts to help them seek treatment.


Karen in Drug-Related News
December 23, 2021

New Threat to Watch For: Unwashed Poppy Seed Consumption

Clinicians and families alike may not be aware of the risk posed by consumption of a readily available type of poppy seed. Despite this lack of awareness, this seed can result in addiction, overdose and death.


Julie in Family Addiction
December 16, 2021

Ways to Address a Loved One Avoiding Getting Help For Their Addiction

Facing an addiction can be a daunting idea and because of this many people will come up with reasons to keep out of going to treatment. While this may make the prospect of getting a loved one into rehab more challenging, but there are solutions to just about every excuse that is given.


Ren in Drug-Related News
December 15, 2021

Over 100,000 Lives Lost to Drugs; CDC Finalizes Overdose Fatalities for 2020

The United States just passed a grim milestone, the first time in recorded history when over 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in one year. It’s a painful wake-up call, and a call to action that something must be done about the drug addiction epidemic.


Karen in Family Addiction
December 14, 2021

What Would Our World Be Like Without Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

With a little research, it’s possible to estimate how our world would change if we could eliminate drug and alcohol addiction. In this look at the topic, we examine how the lives of our children would improve.


Julie in Drug Prevention
December 9, 2021

The Top Benefits of Sober Parenthood

Alcohol is not a necessary requirement for parenthood, if anything it makes the job that much harder.