Ren in Addiction
December 11, 2019

Can We Please Quit Calling Excessive Use of Technology an Addiction?

There’s been a lot of talk about the addictive nature of tech, the internet, cell phones, and social media. From the Help Guide to Consumer Affairs and countless other publications, big media centers and online resources are beginning to report on the harmful effects and the addictive nature of tech, social media, and the internet.


Karen in Opioid Crisis
December 10, 2019

Why Will it Cost $800 Million the First Year to Bring Oklahoma’s Opioid Problem Under Control?

In an Oklahoma courtroom, state attorneys claim that Johnson & Johnson should pay their fair share for their role in creating the opioid epidemic that claimed thousands of lives in the state. Why will this cost more than $800 million the first year?


Karen in Drug Abuse Information
December 7, 2019

As Demand for Illicit Substances Grows, Drug Distribution Networks Continue to Evolve

When my parents and grandparents were growing up, there were only a couple of drugs readily available: alcohol and tobacco. Some people slipped into alcoholism and others may have ruined their health by smoking too much and too long.


Karen in Synthetic drugs
December 6, 2019

Why Synthetic Drugs Might be the Deadliest, Most Damaging Drugs in the World

With so much focus on the harm coming from opioids, it would be easy to overlook the deadly threat coming from synthetics. This ever-changing list of drugs can wreak havoc among drug users who might not even know what chemical they are buying.


Ren in Family Help
December 5, 2019

Should I Call the Cops on My Addicted Son or Daughter?

This is a difficult question that the parents of addicts sometimes have to ask. “Should I call the cops on my addicted son or daughter?” In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at some of the pros and cons of doing so. We’ll look at the support for calling the cops.


Ren in Recovery
December 4, 2019

Should I Get a Pet After Rehab?

Who feels better in the presence of pets? Can I see a show of hands? I know I do. Growing up in the rural Midwest, an Australian Shepherd dog was always at my side, everywhere I went.


Ren in Addiction
December 1, 2019

What Works in Ensuring Long-Term Recovery?

For anyone who has a family member or loved one who is addicted or is in recovery, the big question is this. “How can we guarantee long-term recovery?” We know how dangerous relapses are. We know about the ever-present risk of an overdose. We know that addiction is a life or death matter.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
November 29, 2019

Why is the Northeast Hit Hardest by Opiate Deaths?

It is no mystery that the United States is struggling with a drug addiction crisis. In October of 2017, the opioid epidemic alone (just one facet of America's addiction problem) was declared a Public Health Emergency. Drug addiction has spread across the United States.


Ren in Recovery
November 27, 2019

Getting Out in Nature – A True Benefit to Recovery

The famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, used to go out into the woods to find inspiration for his architecture. Known for his surreal home designs, Wright found inspiration for his homes in places where there were no homes. He found motivation from nature.


Ren in Prison system
November 26, 2019

The Importance of Offering REAL Treatment Options to Inmates

Recidivism, the revolving door nature of the prison system provides significant barriers to rehabilitating criminal behavior. Much of this is because offenders are put in a prison system that does not address the underlying reasons why they did something wrong.