Step 6: Integrity and Self Worth

Personal Values and Integrity Course

This is another pivotal point in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. Every person who has abused drugs or alcohol has done harm, even if only to himself or herself. When drug abuse becomes addiction and this continues for years or even decades, the burden of guilt can be so great as to itself create a barrier to recovery. Even if a person manages, through strenuous self discipline, to stop consuming drugs or alcohol, the guilt of past harm done may never allow one to actually be happy.

The Narconon program provides a method of finally finding relief and happiness.

The first step in achieving this relief must be a thorough education in the forces that keep one trapped in this guilt. A person must understand how guilt can start with small acts that harm others and then guilt may build in power and influence until only the oblivion of drugs or drunkenness provides relief. When a person is thoroughly high, stoned or drunk, there is no memory of these problems. Unfortunately, this solution must be repeated again and again for a person to continue to escape these feelings.

Thus guilt is one of the primary obstacles to achieving lasting sobriety. The development of a method of finding relief is a breakthrough that has enabled more people to stay stably sober when the Narconon rehab program is done.

Families Have Seen the Damage But May Not Have Understood


As this guilt builds, the family may not see the acts of harm but may only see the result. The person they love becomes more distant. There are lies or perhaps just silence. The person removes himself more and more from family interaction and may disappear completely for long periods of time.

If he (or she) does come back and ask for help, the pressure of guilt is likely to drive him away before long. By this time, the person is so wrapped up in all the harmful things that were done that he often can’t bear to be around honest people who just want to help. He has bought drugs, neglected his health, family and responsibilities, may have stolen money or valuables, may have sold drugs to others who were harmed by them, may have engaged in prostitution or crime to get the money for drugs, and many other damaging acts.

How Relief Comes at Last

After a thorough education in the way guilt is created, a person learns the tool for dismantling that guilt. Under close supervision, each person goes through this process of finding relief. It takes time and a new level of honestly and willingness to be responsible for that past harm, but this is what the Personal Values & Integrity Course teaches.

Finally the day comes when the relief process is complete. This is one of the great healing moments of the Narconon program. Now a person can allow himself to look forward to an enjoyable life and not have to be anchored to the past.

Here is what some of the people completing this step have said:

“It was a long road for me on this course but I did it as thoroughly as I knew how. I came out of the other end feeling much better than when I started, coming out with satisfaction, terrific gains and a big win for me. I can look others in the eye comfortably and my mind seems clearer.” J.S.

“I feel like I have a clean slate and a new look at life. I am happy, confident and free of guilt. I have taken responsibility for my actions.” M.M.

“This course helped me realize how you affect people by your actions. It helped me get a lot of stuff off my chest and see it for what it is.” R.G.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I no longer have to do those things that badly affect my life. I no longer have to slowly destroy my body and my personal property.” P.R.

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