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At Narconon, we know firsthand just how difficult it is when someone you love is struggling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs or other substances. We know how much you need a solution that will work.

Some say you can never fully recover from addiction.

Yet thousands of Narconon graduates have left their addiction behind for good.
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Why is it important to get rid of old drugs stored inside your body?

One of the most difficult parts of addiction is the fact that most addicts will resist or refuse help. You're trying to save his life and in so many cases, he refuses to admit the problem. Narconon Intake Counselors work with families all over the world to guide them through the process of saving addicted lives. Our help is available to you now, just by calling.

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Answers to Common Questions

On this page, you will also find answers to some of the most common questions about addiction. We hope it helps you understand the problem better. If you don't see the answer to your question, please let us know so we can help you.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a condition characterized by repeated, compulsive seeking and use of drugs, alcohol or other similar substances despite adverse social, mental and physical consequences. It is usually accompanied by psychological and physical dependence on the abused substance and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when the addictive substance is rapidly decreased or terminated.

How can I tell if my loved one needs drug rehab?

Has the person told you that they will quit, cut back or wean themselves off, but he or she was unable to do so? Is he experiencing damage to work, relationships, school or other parts of life? Is she neglecting her family and her own needs? These are signs of severe danger ahead unless he or she can be gotten to rehab. When a person comes to Narconon for recovery, he or she has a 70% chance of lasting recovery, one of the best success rates in the field.

Some of the important Narconon program steps:

Why can't my loved one just quit using drugs?

When a person is addicted to a drug or alcohol, the addiction is in control, not the person. He may truly wish to quit. But the compulsive nature of addiction means that using more drugs or alcohol feels as essential as taking his next breath. You can help him break free of this compulsion by helping him arrive at one of the more than fifty Narconon drug recovery centers around the world. Our program addresses several factors including a drug-free withdrawal that gets them over the initial compulsion to use drugs. Next is a full detoxification program that helps eliminate stored drug residues which many have reported reduced or completely rid them of cravings. In this long-term, holistic program, he can find relief from the cravings and compulsion and be helped to build a new, drug-free life.

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Can anything help reduce drug cravings?

Is it true that relapse is part of recovery?

This is what staff at many drug rehabs will tell you. This is not the philosophy at Narconon drug recovery centers. We have found that when you help a person overcome cravings, learn drug-free life skills and learn the solution to problems that may had led to initial drug use, he or she can achieve lasting recovery, meaning no relapses. For complete information on how a Narconon center can achieve this result, contact the international offices for Narconon by calling 1-800-775-8750 today.

I've been told that my loved one has a co-existing condition. What does this mean?

While there are a few people who do have serious mental illnesses, very often the simple fact of being in recovery can create symptoms that some rehabs mistake for mental problems needing treatment. For example, anxiety and depression are temporary symptoms of withdrawal from several drugs. To give each person a positive start to his or her recovery, a drug rehab should have drugless methods of alleviating these symptoms. At Narconon drug rehabs, generous nutritional supplements, gentle physical assists and one-on-one work with staff draw those in recovery out of these symptoms and into a positive frame of mind.

How long does it take to overcome addiction?

According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, a long-term program of 90 days or longer is recommended for best results. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program can usually be completed in three to five months although some people take longer.More info:

Is addiction a disease?

There are serious disadvantages to classifying addiction as a chronic, relapsing disease as some rehabilitation philosophies do. One is that an addicted person may be given the idea that they can never really recover from addiction. This mindset can also set up a person up to accept the idea of relapse. Then too, this classification sets the stage for medications to be used in addiction treatment, as they are used for diabetes or heart disease.

Narconon recovery centers do not subscribe to this classification. We have found that lasting recovery is possible without medication. Our graduates find that relapse is not necessary when the causes and damages are addiction are thoroughly addressed in a Narconon recovery program.

What is the value of drug rehab?

More than forty-five years of experience helping people recover from addiction have proven that the only outcomes of addiction are sobriety, prison or death. Along the way, many families are financially drained or even bankrupted by the costs of one person's addiction. Opting for Narconon's effective drug recovery program early in the cycle of addiction can save a family tens of thousands of dollars and can save the addicted person from prison or death.

What helps people stay in rehab until they are complete with the program?

Families can help their loved ones stick with a drug rehabilitation program by understanding that it's not an easy process and the person may try to escape the responsibility of recovery. Early in the process, the drive to stay addicted may be so strong that a person may say or do anything to get the family to let her come home where she can continue to abuse drugs. A family must stay united and strong in their determination to insist that their loved one complete the rehab program for their best chance at lasting success.

What if my loved one is being charged with crimes?

In many cases, courts will agree to the completion of a long-term residential drug rehabilitation program instead of a jail sentence. It will depend on the nature of the charges, but your nearest Narconon program may be able to liaise with the officers of the court to help support your effort to obtain effective rehabilitation for your addicted loved one. To find out more, contact Narconon by calling


What could happen if I do not get my loved one into rehab?

Very few people recover from addiction on their own. Addiction is so compelling that most people need support and guidance to overcome the cravings, guilt and depression that result from addiction. The risk of disease, injury, incarceration or overdose death from continuing addiction are very real. According to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, more than two million people die each year as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. The effective drug rehabilitation program at Narconon rehab centers located around the world can prevent these serious outcomes by providing lasting sobriety. Find out all about this long-term, holistic program by contacting us.

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