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Returning to a productive life

Life Skills

One of the unique features of the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is the life skills component. Every family knows that their addicted loved one has lost the ability to deal with problems in life. The usual solution is to hide in drug or alcohol abuse. An addict's life gets worse and worse until it is entirely ruined.

The way back to sobriety involves repairing the damage that addiction does. Without this repair, every day may be a struggle. After the cravings that drive drug use are alleviated, a person must find relief from guilt and the ability to solve problems again. This is where the Narconon life skills training comes in.

What Do the Life Skills Courses Cover?

The life skills courses deal with the skills that are most essential to prevent a desire to escape into drug or alcohol abuse again.

There are several life skills training actions:

Communication Skills Course: One of the most fundamental skills any human needs to have is communication. Faced with daily problems, a person needs to be able to communicate in any given life situation. This course helps a person understand how communication works and how to use it. Lots of exercises and fun. The end product is improved skills in communicating. More

The Ups and Downs in Life Course: Those who become addicted or go to jail can very often trace back the start of their problems to association with a dangerous acquaintance or friend. By identifying those who can make problems for you, you can life more stably and safely. This course provides the knowledge of how to identify these people and differentiate them from trustworthy friends. More

The Personal Values and Integrity Course: This course provides a fundamental understanding of how integrity is lost and how it can be regained. Each person learns the process he (or she) will use to find relief from the guilt that results from all the harm done while addicted. When this process is applied, it is very common for participants to talk about the "weight being lifted" from their shoulders. More

The Changing Conditions in Life Course: Each addicted person's life has sustained serious damage as a result of drug or alcohol abuse. The damage could consist of ruined relationships, destroyed trust and much more. To become honest and productive again, it is essential to repair these ruined areas. The Changing Conditions in Life Course gives a person the ability to take the right steps to repair upsets and conflicts. More

The Way to Happiness Course: Happiness results from living a moral, honest life. But society may not provide the teachings that make this path clear. The Way to Happiness Course provides a simple, clear, non-denominational guide to honesty, productivity and value as a human being. More

Those completing these life skills courses gain the skills they need to stay sober. Many people who have completed the Narconon program have recognized the value the life skills training has in their sobriety. Like these statements taken from interviews with graduates and a family member:

Toward the end of the program was where I saw the most change in myself. My responsibility level went up and I was able to really mend things with my family and become more focused on my future.

~~ Amy

Narconon gave me tools that are simple that I can use daily. I really wasn't given those tools in other programs.

~~ Spencer

At Narconon you actually learn how to stay clean and that's the biggest thing. Not only are you clean while you are here, but you get tools and things to do when you are out there in the real world to help you stay clean, to be around the right people and the right environments. Overall, it's like a safeguard for your own sobriety.

~~ Mitch

While my husband was at Narconon, he was given the tools to get his life back and to live it to the fullest. He was given the ability to be able to really confront anything and to really handle life, not just throw his hands up and give up. He learned how to be a healthy, solid, productive member of society and learned how to respect himself in a way that I had never seen before. He regained his self confidence.

~~ Beverly

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