14 Things to Do During Alcohol Awareness Month

Maybe you’re accustomed to kicking back with your friends and having a few beers over the weekend. But this month, how about participating in Alcohol Awareness Month sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependence.

Baseball game crowd

So what will replace the time with your beer drinking buddies? How about getting outdoors in the spring weather? Or going to one of the attractions in your area? Here’s a list of suggestions to get your started, some suitable for a family with children and some that anyone might enjoy.

1. Attend one of the early games of the 2014 Major League Baseball season.
2. Take the family to a museum like the Seattle Children’s Museum or the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. Continue reading

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5 Steps For Choosing a Drug Rehab

choosing a rehabChoosing a drug rehab center isn’t like choosing a destination for your next vacation. It’s not the kind of thing where you can afford to take your chances and know that you’ll have another shot at it if your first choice doesn’t work out. To put it bluntly, your choice of a drug rehab program could make the difference between success and failure in the attempt to get sober for yourself or your loved one, and that’s a difference that could be a life or death one. Make sure that you’re choosing the right one by following the guidelines below: Continue reading

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Is the Next US Drug Trend Going to be Heroin?

The Washington Post just published an article that could be predicting a terrifying trend. According to an April 6th article, Mexican farmers are pulling out their marijuana crops and planting heroin poppies instead. So cheap heroin (far cheaper than prescription painkillers) has been increasingly found crossing the border.

kid smoking a jointHere’s what I am concerned about. As more states authorize the use of marijuana for medical or recreational use, there will be more of that drug in circulation. Prices will come down. That is, of course, the main reason Mexican farmers are changing their crops. They want a crop with a higher price attached. What would a savvy businessman in the drug business do? Offer another product that might appeal to someone already using alcohol or marijuana that will make the farmer more money. Continue reading

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What if we didn’t focus on the heroin epidemic or marijuana but just raised drug-free kids?

I’m watching the headlines these days and there’s so much about this drug or that – Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death triggered plenty of media coverage on the increase in heroin abuse. Zohydro is in the news as a future opiate painkiller formulation that has the potential to be easily abused by anyone with a taste for opiates. Medical marijuana is approved in state after state and several more states have this initiative on the ballot. One celebrity after another is cited or goes to jail for a DUI until it seems like no one is left sober.

After a while, it gets to be overwhelming.

What if we didn’t focus so narrowly on one drug or another? What if we just focused on one thing: raising a new generation that knows better than to pick up a drug or drink before they are legal age? Continue reading

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The 3 Gateways to Drug Addiction

man drinking alcoholIt is very rare that a person tries heroin or cocaine as the first experience with drugs. Instead, most people who do try drugs have already been using a “gateway drug” for some time leading up to that point. A gateway drug is one which serves to open the door to using harder drugs. The three most common gateway drugs are: Continue reading

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The Benefits of Observing Alcohol-Free Weekend, April 4-6, 2014

group friends at coffee shopCourtesy of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, we are entering Alcohol Awareness Month which will be observed throughout April. To kick things off, they have announced that April 4 through 6 is Alcohol-Free Weekend.

Set an excellent example of responsible use of alcohol by skipping it entirely from Friday through Sunday.

If you happen to have been drinking a good bit lately, this will be a good test. Can you go that long without a drink? Continue reading

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3 New Synthetic Drugs to Watch Out For

synthetic drugsIf you are a parent and are concerned about keeping your kids off drugs, you will of course be telling them not to smoke pot, not to inject heroin and not to snort cocaine. You might even be on the ball and know to warn your children against the nonmedical use of painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin, as well as the abuse of ADHD stimulant drugs including Ritalin and Adderall. Would you know, however, about “Smiles” or “Ice”? How about 4-Methylaminorex or 2CE? Increasingly, synthetic drugs are being found in the hands of young people across the United States. In fact, synthetic marijuana, referred to commonly as Spice or K2, was the second most popular drug among American high school students last year. Here are the details on three of the newest synthetic drugs: Continue reading

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Interventions Can Save Lives

Addict needing interventionThere is a very unfortunate belief that is held by many families who are trying to help an addicted loved one. And that is that the person must “hit rock bottom” before they can be helped. I don’t know who invented that phrase but they did not do anyone any favors.

This phrase is often repeated by those working in or writing about addiction recovery. But I’ll tell you why it is so dangerous.

With the type of drugs on the market today, a person can easily be dead before they hit rock bottom. Continue reading

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48 Years of Saving Lives with Narconon Rehab

48 yearsIt has now been nearly half a century since the Narconon drug rehab program was originally founded. The date was the 19th of February, 1966, and the setting was inside the walls of a prison cell in Arizona. William Benitez was a young man who had spent half of his life as a drug addict, and his addiction to heroin had landed him, once again, in prison. After struggling with drug addiction for so long, and after seeing it ruin his life, William was in need of change. He had finally reached a point where things had gotten so bad that he was feeling an overpowering demand for improvement, and he was looking for answers. He found hope that he would be able to beat his addiction in the pages of a book, The Fundamentals of Thought, by American philosopher and author L. Ron Hubbard. The wisdom that he learned in that book made it possible for him to finally recognize the condition he was in and the reasons for it, and immediately thereafter he went into action, applying his energy and focus to overcoming his addiction. The next step was to communicate what he had learned to others, to share his success and to make it possible for them to enjoy the same wins that he had. He didn’t wait until he got out of prison — he was that eager to help. He secured the permission of the prison administrators to organize a class, and it was inside the walls of the prison that William Benitez set about delivering the first Narconon program. Continue reading

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Fear: A Major Factor in Addiction

drug addict with fearIt may not seem like it to a person who has never been addicted, but fear is a big reason that the addicted stay addicted. The continuous presence of fear is a big part of what keeps them locked in their addictions.

When they are high, they don’t feel any fear. They feel confident, relaxed, happy, hopeful, even magnanimous. They may feel they can take on any challenge, even if this is a complete illusion. They may be mellow, euphoric. Continue reading

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