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40 years of evidence of recovery studies

Benitez, Founder of Narconon Program

William Benitez, an inmate of Arizona State Prison, founded the Narconon program in 1966. Benitez came upon a book in the prison library by American author L. Ron Hubbard, and after reading this book and applying the principles it contained on increasing one's abilities, he and dozens of other inmates were able to permanently end their addictions to heroin. The Narconon program has evolved from that simple beginning to a worldwide network of over 120 drug prevention and drug-free social education rehabilitation centers. Through the tireless work of dedicated staff and volunteers, we have rehabilitated tens of thousands of addicts and brought the truth about drugs to millions of individuals.

L Ron Hubbard and the Narconon Program"You may have noticed that society is rapidly going downhill... And the most serious part of this is that drugs, both medical and street drugs, have disabled a majority of those who could have handled it, including the political leaders, and have even paralyzed the coming generations."

L. Ron Hubbard

The Narconon program is a non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to eliminating drug abuse through drug prevention, drug education and drug rehabilitation.

The Narconon network consists of over 120 rehabilitation and drug prevention centers around the world. Our rehabilitation centers produce graduates, the majority of whom have demonstrated they can live stable, ethical, productive, drug-free lives. The Narconon drug prevention centers educate hundreds of thousands of people each year with live presentations and bring the truth to many more through video presentations and written materials.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is an entirely drug-free social education program. The key to the success of the Narconon program is the Drug Rehabilitation methods developed by author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. This methodology has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to rid themselves of the need for drugs and to regain control of their lives.

The Narconon drug prevention and education program takes a comprehensive approach to preventing drug use through effective educational programs with school children, parents and educators, training for peer leaders and professionals, and broad information campaigns.

Narconon: Saving Lives Since 1966

Narconon International, the administrative and promotional international coordinating office in Hollywood, California, was formed up actually long after the network of individual Narconon centers had existed. With dozens of staff speaking many languages, Narconon International licenses new centers worldwide. Beyond providing managerial expertise to the network, its senior function is to monitor and support the highest level of technical and administrative excellence throughout the network. The International office has also spearheaded drug education delivery and other drug prevention events to hundreds of thousands of students and others in southern California. Supporting the office is Friends of Narconon International, whose staff have produced and distributed drug education videos and curriculum including The Truth About Drugs: What is it? and Marijuana: The Myth. The Narconon International Science Advisory Board has also sponsored research, outcome studies, and international peer-review conferences on L. Ron Hubbard's sauna detoxification protocol, including conferences in Los Angeles in 1995, Stockholm in 1997, and Oklahoma in 2001.

40 years of evidence of recovery studies

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