New Narconon drug rehabilitation center offers new hope for addicts at home and across the continent of Europe.

“It’s a breathtaking 16 acres surrounded by nature and beauty … It’s like you arrived in Narnia or something … It very much evokes a feeling of freedom from ruin.”

So described one visitor to the spectacular new Narconon Europe, dedicated September 5 in the Danish countryside on Lake Arresø—Denmark’s largest lake. The historic addition to the Narconon fleet inhabits a 67,000-square-foot estate in a blissful, distraction-free environment.

The ribbon fell on Narconon Europe, signaling a new era of help.

In addressing those gathered for the grand opening celebration, the Executive Director of the Association for Better Living and Education International, ABLE, noted that “ABLE is dedicated to improving society. That is why the opening of this new Narconon center is so important to us. Because this is not simply another drug rehab facility. This is the launch of a movement to bring an end to the scourge of drugs across Europe—and thereby the world.”

A group of dignitaries and esteemed members of Europe’s most experienced drug rehabilitation community officially welcomed the new center from the stage. Each spoke with a conviction borne of the certainty that Narconon has what it takes to tackle the tremendous drug problem that faces Europe today.

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, the continent’s drug problem is enormous, the scourge claiming an estimated 1.4 million residents of the continent as problem opioid users. This new Narconon center brings hope to those caught in the grip of addiction along with a training facility to educate rehabilitation specialists for more than 20 European Narconon centers.

“With this new center opening, I envision hundreds of new Narconon centers all over Europe—our contribution to overcoming the drug problems that face us all,” said Mr. Jorgen Jorgensen, Narconon Europe’s Executive Director, at the opening.

“Narconon not only helps people to become drug-free, but also educates people to live their lives drug-free in the future.”

Added Mr. Leif Carlsen, Drug Abuse Consultant in Copenhagen: “Today, we face a society where more people feel alienated and lonely. Drugs are and have always been an escape from reality—a reality we do not know how to cope with. Narconon not only helps people to become drug-free, but also educates people to live their lives drug-free in the future.”

A third speaker, the Very Reverend Dr. William McComish, Emeritus Dean of Geneva’s St. Pierre Cathedral, expressed his deep appreciation for the very humane method of rehabilitation used by Narconon. “Your new Continental Narconon center for Europe will make your work even more effective to help man to recover from the devastating effects of drugs and save the future of our youth.”

With 23 new instructional films in 29 dialects and languages making it simpler to deliver its lifesaving technology than ever before, Narconon Europe is open, the staff are trained and ready to help anyone who wants to escape the trap of drug or alcohol addiction.



For more information on the Narconon program and our international network of centers across 50 nations, please call 1-800-737-5250.