Overcoming Alcohol

Throughout, you know, my growing up, you know, there was always something, whether it was Wellbutrin, whether it was Paxil, whether it was Zoloft, whether it was Lexipro, anything, you know they were just, you know, there was something wrong with me. So, it got to a point in my adulthood that, being told that there’s something wrong with you, you know, I just didn’t care anymore. You know I just, you know, the alcohol was the only way that, you know, numbed it all.

You know, when I was feeling anxious, it took it way. When I was feeling depressed, it took it away. When I was happy it was a social thing. I could, you know, be happy with everybody else. When I was sad at night, you know that was something I could do. When I was bored, you know, I could find a reason to drink for anything. And I just was stuck. I didn’t care who I was hurting and I, I especially didn’t care I was hurting myself.

Throughout the process here at Narconon each part of this program I learned something about myself the entire way. And eventually I started to come around and people started making me laugh and I was getting more comfortable.

Narconon gave me my life back. It gave me my soul. It gave me my smile again. It gave me my health. It gave me my happiness and all of those things are what life’s about. It’s about a balance act of having those things, having your family, having relationships, making memories, going out and doing something and accomplishing it.

And it’s, you know, given me so much that I can’t even put into words what, you know, where I would be today, had I not come here. So, thank you Narconon.

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