I’m proud to be me

My job was a police officer. Loved the job. Loved the work. Along with the work came the camaraderie of law enforcement. From the South—drinking was also part of social life down here.

That went hand in hand with cops and being off duty. A lot of things that go on in that profession you can only discuss with fellow law enforcement. So we kind of bonded over a beer, if you will, pretty regularly.

As the stresses of the job increased, the drinking increased. It went from social to necessary.

Ultimately getting out of law enforcement, I got into the oil field industry—again, a profession where it’s common to fraternize in drinking establishments. A lot of business deals there are cut over a bar.

And that’s where it really got out of control. Yeah, vodka in your coffee every morning, a couple of drinks at lunch and getting smashed at night. That was the norm. You’re miserable while you’re drinking, but you’ve got to have the drink not to be miserable. And that’s that continuous circle that you can’t break. And it was harder and harder to go longer and longer without drinking. So as that became real, I just spent less and less time in a place where I couldn’t be drinking. And the family was one of those.

My sister found Narconon. I started the program—day to day I felt better and better.

You come out of the Life Skills portion with a renewed confidence in your ability to control your life.

When it’s over, you kind of get the full picture and you walk away and you’re just—you’re you again and you feel you again physically.

After completing the program, it was impossible for me to walk away without doing something to forward the program and help other people gain what I gained. So I stuck around. I’m happier than I’ve been as far back as I can remember. A true happiness. I mean it’s real.

The pleasure I experience in life now is lasting. I’m proud to be me!

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