Drug Rehab for Italy

Drug Use Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate between age groups, income brackets, creeds or beliefs. Anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. An addict sees his life falling to pieces around him, losing friends, family trust, jobs and goals for the future. Drug dealers work to keep addicts in the grip of addiction, feeding and even creating habits and ruining lives all around them. A successful and workable drug rehab for Italy is needed to provide a solution to long-term drug or alcohol abuse. Luckily there are Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Italy that have the effective solution.

Illegal drug use in Italy includes cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, Ecstasy and marijuana. Approximately seven percent of Italians between the ages of fifteen and sixty-four have used cocaine at least once in their lives. Three percent have used Ecstasy. Drug-related deaths statistics show that heroin and other opiates have been the leading drugs causing death in users. Even one death from drugs, even one young person becoming addicted is too many. To turn the tide, an effective drug rehab for Italy is a necessity.

There are a number of Narconon treatment centers in Italy that provide a workable program that achieves lasting recovery. In the Calabria region, there is Narconon Il Falco, Narconon La Fenice and Narconon Albatros. In the Puglia area, there is Narconon Il Gabbiano. In Marche, you will find Narconon Astore and Narconon Alfiere and in Sicily, Narconon Grifone. Each center has the same effective program that has saved addicted lives the world over for the last forty-five years.

Drugless Treatment Works Better than Drug Replacement Therapy

When a rehab program does not use substitute drugs in treatment, the end result is much more effective. Drug substitutes such as methadone and Suboxone or buprenorphine are as addictive as illegal drugs, and can be even more difficult to withdraw from. The Narconon program does not use any addictive substitutes in its treatment services. This is the way to leave ALL drugs behind when striving for sobriety.

The first step in the Narconon drug rehab program is drugless withdrawal. Through the use of nutritional support, the recovering addict will find the drug withdrawal process is made more tolerable. Caring and trained staff work one-on-one with the person in withdrawal, monitoring his or her progress carefully. They also administer unique relaxation techniques that ease the discomforts.

Addressing the Physical Aspects of Addiction Leads to Lasting Recovery

Detoxification is an important part of lasting recovery. Drug residues remain in the body long after someone has stopped using drugs. Because drugs are attracted to fats, residues of drug use are stored in the fatty tissues of the body. These residual drugs cause confused and cloudy thinking. They have also been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings. The Narconon New Life Detoxification uses an effective combination of moderate exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and time in a low heat sauna to flush out these drug residues. This detoxification clears the body and mind, giving the participant a refreshed and brighter outlook on life. Many recovering addicts who complete this part of the program say their drug cravings have completely disappeared.

A recovering addict will not be complete on the Narconon program until he rebuilds and repairs life skills that were destroyed in an addicted lifestyle. There is a danger he would get caught up once again in drug abuse if he did not know how to deal with relationships and situations that could stress him and bring him down. Narconon Life Skills Courses provide the knowledge and tools a recovering addict needs to go back home confident and assured that he can be in control of his life.

One such course is the Changing Conditions in Life Course. Difficulties in life can drive a person back into drug or alcohol abuse to escape the pain or stress. But on the Narconon drug rehab program, each person learns how to face and repair situations in his life. By having this skill, it is easier to take responsibility for bad situations and fix them.

An Effective Drug Rehab for Italy will Save Addicted Lives

Drug cartels in Mexico are using Italy as a conduit for bringing illicit drugs to the European market. Ties between these cartels and the Sicilian Mafia have made drugs readily available in Italy. Italian organized crime groups have been involved in shipping hundreds of tons of cocaine throughout the world. The organized crime family “Nhdrangheta” does extensive drug trafficking and operates out of the Calabria region of Italy. At one time, it was estimated that eighty percent of the cocaine entering the continent’s market was coming through docks in Calabria.

With drugs easily found on the street, with such availability of illegal drugs, there is no question that Italy needs an effective drug rehab where addicts can get back a drug-free life, and be proofed against relapse. Narconon provides a workable program with a 70% success rate in achieving a lasting sober life. Contact Narconon today.