Narconon Argo

Drug Rehabilitation Center

Via San Paolo 1, 02021 Spedino Di Borgorose (RI), Italia

In the center of Italy, not far from Rome, lies Narconon Argo. From all over Italy, those who dream of a new, better life come here to rid themselves of addiction. In this comfortable Italian villa, it’s possible to leave the turbulent life of an addicted person far behind while learning the skills needed to create a new future.

In these exquisite surroundings, life looks better. Day by day, hope replaces the overwhelming despair experienced before arrival. At this drug rehab center, each person will receive the help they need to leave drugs behind without needing any substitute medications.

The staff guiding and supporting each recovering person understand what it’s like to make this journey to sobriety. And they know that tens of thousands of individuals have made this journey before, with the help of the Narconon program. This drug rehab program has been tested by time and individuals around the world. The language makes no difference—this fully standardized rehab program includes the exact components found necessary to recover from addiction and prevent relapse.

Withdrawal and Detoxification

Narconon Argo Withdrawal Area

At Narconon Argo, withdrawal and detoxification are two different steps. First, each person stays in a separate withdrawal unit so they can be monitored around the clock. Staff work with each person intensively to alleviate the worst of their discomfort. It’s been described as the “most tolerable” withdrawal some people have ever experienced. With the right help, it’s not necessary to be so miserable during withdrawal.

Now, it’s time for a truly deep detoxification action, the New Life Detoxification. This procedure combines time sweating in a sauna with moderate daily exercise and a strict regimen of nutritional supplements. This combination enables the body to flush out old toxins that may have been stored for years. The longer they stay around, the longer they can influence a person’s thinking and outlook. When the elimination of old drug toxins is complete, it’s usual for each person to feel younger and more energetic. Some people say their physical cravings are greatly reduced. Other people say those cravings are gone.

Classrooms and Environment

Narconon Argo Environment

In this environment with the view of nearby snowy peaks and nature reserve, it’s possible to finally grasp that the future can be far better than the past. There’s no big city, traffic, congestion or noise to interrupt one’s thoughts. This Narconon rehab center is equipped for classrooms to be used by each student of sobriety to learn how to recover from the past and acquire skills for the future.

There is a special classroom where one’s perceptions are sharpened and the pain and trauma of the past finally fades away. Then there is another classroom for those ready to gain the skills to make sober decisions every day.

In this clean, sunny center with its warm woods and colors, one can realize that finally, the ability to recover from addiction is at hand. As you share your accomplishments with the others on this journey, you can relax in the living room by the fireplace. Or you can share your story over lunch in the cheerful, cozy dining room. There’s plenty of room on the terrace behind the villa or in the garden to just enjoy the sun on your face—for the first time in so long, without any drugs in your body.

Learn how soon someone you care about can arrive at Narconon Argo to get help on this holistic drug rehabilitation program. For complete information, call Narconon International today.

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