Narconon Astore

Drug Rehabilitation in Italy

Riabilitazione da droghe

Via Poggio San Romualdo, 71 60044, Poggio San Romualdo, Fabriano (AN), Italy

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Located in the mountains of Poggio San Romualdo above Fabriano, Narconon Astore provides a beautiful, natural setting for those going through drug or alcohol rehab. The center is nestled in acres of rolling hills with beautiful views in all directions. This secluded location insulates a person from the problems of the city where the addiction most likely took place. Here, with plenty of support, a new life can be built.

On this lovely estate, there is plenty of space for each service of the Narconon program. There’s a Withdrawal Unit where each person gets the support needed while his (or her) body begins recovering from the drugs he has been taking. There is a sauna facility on site, for the New Life Detoxification process each person goes through to freshen his viewpoint and thinking. And finally, there are the classrooms for training on the life skills needed to carry a person through a sober life.

No matter what destruction has occurred, a person has a chance to build a new, sober life at Narconon Astore.

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