Narconon Gabbiano

Southern Italy Drug Rehabilitation Center

Contrada Sentinella Torre dell’Orso Lecce 73020, Italy

Narconon Gabbiano Drug Rehab Facility

Also known as “Narconon Top”, this drug rehabilitation center is located in the outskirts of the lovely city of Lecce on the southeastern tip of the boot of Italy. In addition to the building itself, with its elegant dining room, inviting cafeteria, and spacious bedrooms, the facility provides plenty of space for students to get their exercise prior to spending time in the sauna to sweat the toxins out of the fat cells of the body. In addition to a gym, there’s a swimming pool and a soccer field.

Narconon Gabbiano began in early 1992 when a graduate of the program decided one day to start a new group. The initial apartment soon became too small to meet the demand of people needing the program. They then managed to acquire a new facility—a villa that could host twenty students.

Word of the program’s success continued to spread, with new space problems driving the staff to find a bigger and more appropriate residential drug rehab facility. They moved into a hotel in 1994, and then in 1995 found and acquired the current big facility in Torre dell’Orso in the beautiful region of Salento.

Now, with the renovations complete, Narconon Gabbiano can deliver the program to 100 students at a time, supervised by 40 full-time staff members plus another 15 volunteers. These local people with their big hearts have thus found a way to realize their commitment of solidarity and help their fellow man get off of drugs and stay off of drugs.

To date, Narconon Gabbiano has produced over 1000 graduates who now live productive drug-free lives!

From Francesco, upon graduating:

“This goal I reached fills me with joy. It was a challenging journey, but it gave me back my life. I realized a goal, after so many failures. I have regained many abilities and know I have some qualities that make me feel alive. I feel completely different—able and capable. I can get only satisfaction in my life from now on. I firmly believe in the values taught to me by the Narconon program, and I will try to lead life in the most ethical way possible.”