Narconon Gabbiano
Rehab Facility

In the boot heel of Italy, amid miles of citrus and olive orchards, sits Narconon Gabbiano. This beautiful facility is just a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean. It is housed in an impressively large facility that is ideal for the purpose of rehabilitating the addicted. There is plenty of privacy and enjoyable amenities for the free time of those in recovery.

On three floors, there are enough accommodations and program delivery facilities to permit a hundred people at a time to progress through the rehab program. The guest rooms provide the comfort and rest needed for the success of one’s recovery.

Delicious Meals

There’s a professional kitchen where delicious meals are provided each day, a dining room and plenty of recreation activities available.


A beautiful pool invites the student who has completed his classes for the day, or he may choose to socialize with others on the pool deck.

Recreation Activities

There’s also ping-pong, an excellent weight room, gardens to wander in and even a soccer field. Staff and students may challenge each other on the volleyball court as well.


Narconon Gabbiano's grounds provide a peaceful, stress-free environment.

This setting is remarkably inviting for the person who may have lost everything to addiction. Having a place that is so comfortable and attractive makes the decision to finally get clean and sober a little bit easier. Just hours after a person has made up his mind to finally leave addiction behind, he can be arriving at Narconon Gabbiano near Lecce, Italy.

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