Narconon Falco

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Contrada Monti, 87040 Altilia (CS), Italia

For a person in Italy or Southern Europe who becomes addicted, there are few locations more beautiful for recovery than Narconon Falco. This rehabilitation center is set in Calabria, one of the longest-inhabited areas of Italy. The property is only a few miles into the mountains from the beaches and resorts along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here, amid the thick woods and farmlands, it is possible to get one’s life back by completing this drug-free program known around the world for its success.

Scenery near Narconon Falco (Photo by Landscape Nature Photo/Shutterstock.)

Once you arrive at the Narconon center in Altilia in the province of Cosenza, you will know you have arrived at a very different kind of drug rehab center. For one thing, you will notice the lighter spirits of those in recovery. In some rehab centers, there is little hope. At Narconon centers, hope is in great supply. One of the reasons for that hope is that at this center, there is no drug treatment consisting of more addictive substances being handed out, like Suboxone or methadone.

Another reason for the presence of hope is the New Life Detoxification. This step of the rehab program is completed early on, for a very good reason. By spending time sweating in a sauna each day and taking a very strict regimen of nutritional supplements and exercising, the old stored toxins from past drug or alcohol use are flushed out. As these toxins leave, each person feels fresher and perceptions are sharper. Anyone who has had a loved one who was high, stoned or drunk has seen how their perceptions and thinking were muddy or mixed up. As these residues are washed away, one’s outlook and mood lift. For many people, this may be the first time in years they have truly felt there was hope for sobriety.

In This Villa, New Sober Living Skills are Learned

Narconon Falco is housed in a rustic pink villa, with accommodations for each person in recovery. In these sun-splashed rooms, those in recovery become students of a new way of living, one that is productive and honest. Day by day, these students discover that personal integrity can be restored and they can once again give themselves a chance to succeed and prosper. No longer do they need to feel buried in guilt and shame.

Narconon Falco Life Skills Classroom

These improvements come about because of the life skills curriculum at Narconon Falco. Each student learns why their lives went awry and they learn the specific skills they will need to put it right and then keep it right long into the future. When they go home, they understand how to repair relationships with family, friends and their communities. With these skills, they can once again become their honest, true and productive selves. They find that life is far more enjoyable without drugs than it ever was with drugs. And that is the secret of the Narconon program.

Helping Individuals from All Over Italy and Southern Europe

From near and far, those in need seek out Narconon Falco. They can expect to spend a few months at this rehab center, learning these skills and a new way of life. If someone you love needs help like this, call Narconon International to learn more about this program. You could have your loved one walking through their front door in just a day or two. Call us today to get started.

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