Narconon Falco

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility

For those who lose their way to addiction in Italy, the Narconon Falco drug rehabilitation facility offers a path back to sobriety and productivity. This facility in the “toe” of the Italian boot is part of a worldwide network of rehab centers, a network with a fifty-year history of success. In this resort region of Italy, it’s possible to find support and comfort in this facility which is tucked away in the mountains just a few miles from the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Take the short drive from the highway to the Narconon facility, through the canopy of shade trees. There’s a pink villa ahead, and this is where many people from this region of Italy have found sobriety after addiction threatened to take everything away from them.


In these sun-splashed rooms, built in a classic rustic Italian style, Narconon clients learn to develop the skills that help them navigate their lives successfully while maintaining their sobriety. Everything you need for your recovery is right at hand.


Through sweating in the sauna plus generous nutritional supplementation and moderate exercise, this step enables each client’s body to wash away the residues of past drug or alcohol use.


The facility has everything you need to complete your recovery. From the deck in front of the center, you have a beautiful view down the neighboring valleys.

A special part of the facility is designed especially for those in withdrawal. This is a time when you may need 24-hour support as your body rids itself of the drugs you have been using. This section of the facility is always kept calm and as quiet as possible to help each person transition from the chaos and trauma of their past addiction to the new sobriety that awaits.

Once withdrawal is complete, the on-site sauna is used to assist each client in detoxification. This step is called the New Life Detoxification. When drug use has been heavy and has gone on for years, this is a remarkably therapeutic step, clearing one’s thinking and brightening their outlook on life.

From there, each person spends time in the Narconon Falco classrooms. There are exercises to help each person sharpen perceptions and regain control of their thoughts, actions and decisions. And there are life skills training classes to rebuild the tools that enable a person to say no to drugs and say yes to success, and rejoin their friends and family.

The Perfect Place for Recovery

At Narconon Falco, you can leave your problems behind for a while, and focus on rebuilding your life and recovering your personal integrity. The Narconon program itself has a very long history of helping those who suffered from problems with drugs. We understand the struggle and we can help.

Come to Narconon Falco and learn why this program has helped tens of thousands around the world. From the program itself to the environment, everything is arranged for your success.

The facility has everything you need to complete your recovery. From the deck in front of the center, you have a beautiful view down the neighboring valleys. This is where you can take a few peaceful minutes to reflect on the changes you are experiencing in your way of thinking and the choices you can now make—choices that protect your sobriety. The quiet of the countryside is calming and allows you to focus on your new life.

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