Alcohol Program

When a person is addicted to alcohol, everything in that person’s life may be at risk. Some alcohol addicts manage to function for years, even decades, but the normal situation is that the person always rides the edge of terrible risk: risk of accidents while driving drunk or impaired; risk of arrest due to drunk driving or due to domestic violence or assaults committed while under the influence; even risk of being assaulted or injured by others while not fully able to defend oneself.

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There are other risks. Loss of job, loss of family, loss of financial stability. These things and much more are risked and lost daily by people who are addicted to alcohol.

When the solution selected for alcohol addiction is Narconon, it’s possible for all these risks to be eliminated. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program enables an alcoholic or alcohol addict to overcome the compulsive behavior and cravings associated with the condition and start a new, drug-free life. This life is also free from Naltrexone, Antabuse, benzodiazepines, or Nalmefene, all medications that may be given at some alcohol rehabs during the alcohol recovery process.

When a person has a chance to rebuild his or her life using restored life skills—when he or she has been able to thoroughly detoxify the body so as to cut cravings down (some say they are gone)—when counseling has been used to regain a fresh, bright viewpoint on life—then further drugs are not necessary. This is how the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program brings about recovery from alcoholism.

How Dangerous is Alcohol Addiction?

European agencies that track alcohol consumption on that continent estimate that 23 million Europeans are dependent on or addicted to alcohol. In the US, it’s more than 18 million.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol addiction is indeed highly dangerous. The WHO reports that 2.5 million deaths result from abuse of alcohol each year and that almost one out of ten deaths to young people between the ages of 15 and 29 are related to the use of alcohol. Worldwide, it is a leading risk factor for many diseases. In fact, in the Americas and Western Pacific, it is THE leading risk factor. In Europe, it’s in second place.

Alcohol consumption is known to contribute to, directly cause or be involved in the incidence of cirrhosis, various cancers, cardiovascular diseases and epilepsy. It is often found to contribute to the transmission of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections.

And then there are traffic accidents, violence, suicides and other mishaps that occur while drunk or drinking.

When a person is not in control of his or her drinking, then they are liable to experience any of these health-threatening or life-threatening situations.

Selecting an Alcohol Program

An effective alcohol program must help a person make changes in their overall lifestyle, not just learn to live with their problems. In many cases of alcohol addiction, the addict has been socializing with other people who drink. He or she has been covering up issues that need to be dealt with by consuming alcohol. Unless a person has the opportunity and guidance to eliminate the old lifestyle and build new, alcohol-free patterns of living and dealing with problems, the recovering alcoholic may just go back to old patterns.

In-depth alcohol recovery involves gaining a fresh perception of one’s life, that enables one to leave foggy, impaired feelings behind. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program accomplishes this improvement two ways: The Narconon New Life Detoxification and the Objectives. The Objectives are Narconon’s specifically tailored procedures which help individuals to become stable in the present, rather than dwelling in the past.

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As mentioned earlier, Narconon’s unique detoxification removes the lost, foggy feeling experienced by so many after drug or alcohol abuse. When a person can think clearly, they can begin to focus on a new, drug-free future.

Anyone who has been around someone who chronically drank or took drugs has noticed that the substance abuser’s perception of their environment has been damaged by that substance abuse. It seems like the longer the substance abuse goes on, the worse the perception gets. Poor perception is very dangerous when driving or operating other machinery, caring for children, handling finances and many other situations in life. The Objectives Course guides each recovering addict through a number of exercises that helps make the current environment look bright and new again. It IS possible to leave much of the damage of alcoholism behind.

Life Skills Normally Need Restoration

Many recovering substance abusers feel so bad about the many dishonest or criminal actions they took while they were addicts that it can be hard to let go of them. But a happy, drug-free life does not include carrying around terrible guilt burdens. Any alcoholism treatment program must get a recovering alcoholic through this part of recovery as well. Guilt must be released and the recovering addict must have a chance to repair the relationships they have damaged while drinking.

The Life Skills section of the Narconon alcohol recovery program enables each recovering alcoholic to work through these issues at their own pace. Some people may have more damage to repair, some may have less. But with the guidance of the Life Skills training and the help of the experienced Narconon staff, each person can gain the knowledge to resolve guilt, make drug-free decisions, repair conditions in any part of life that was damaged, and know just how to prevent similar problems in the future.

Holistic Alcohol Recovery Treats the Entire Person

Holistic recovery means that the entire person is considered when bringing about recovery. Not just isolated points where alcohol use took place, but rather looking at the person’s whole life, what they feel they can change and what they can’t handle, and working from that point to provide the wisdom to build a life where alcohol is not considered as a solution.

Through these means, a person is brought out of alcoholism and into lasting sobriety. Contact Narconon today to find out what this rehab program can do for you or someone you love.