Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Leading Up to Addiction

No one starts out intending to be an addict when they start indulging in drug or alcohol abuse. Perhaps it’s a way to relax or escape from stress for a little while. Maybe it seems more adventurous and exciting than the life they are living. Very often there are problems that they just don’t know how to deal with and a little alcohol, cocaine, heroin or Vicodin abuse seems to make them go away for a little while.

In other cases, a person may go to a particular environment where drugs or alcohol are being abused by many people present and it almost seems unacceptable not to join in. In a bar, a party or a nightclub, this influence may start some people using alcohol, marijuana, Ecstasy or other club drugs.

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But all these substances and many others are addictive. When use becomes regular and the cravings set in, the user may not have a choice in whether or not they are going to be used. The cravings and the withdrawal sickness resulting when drug use stops drive a person back into more drug use.

Escaping the Trap of Addiction

Most people need help to escape from drugs and alcohol addiction. With the right kind of help, lasting sobriety can be achieved. But it takes a program with a multifaceted approach to help with drugs and alcohol addiction. When a person gets help with drug or alcohol addiction at a Narconon drug and alcohol rehab center, he or she will find a different kind of program—one that has been remarkably effective for many graduates around the world.

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Each person on the Narconon addiction recovery program moves through each of the steps at his own pace so that when the end is reached and he’s ready to go home, he knows he is ready, he has addressed the impact of drugs or alcohol on his body and he has learned the skills to succeed. The length of the program varies for each individual—typically 8 to 12 weeks.

Life is always going to present challenges to the person who goes back home after recovering from addiction and the newly-sober person must be prepared for these. The Narconon program not only addresses the physical impact of drugs but also provides very specific skills for dealing with these challenges, like:

  • How to identify people who are going to be trouble for you and how to know who’s safe to associate with
  • How to turn a negative situation into a positive one
  • How to deal with situations that challenge one’s personal integrity and how to come out a winner each time
  • How to make the correct moral determinations based on your own values and goals, when faced with temptation or adversity.

Without these skills, sobriety can be fleeting, but with them, sobriety can be lasting. Locate the Narconon center in your area by contacting Narconon International at 800-775-8750 today.