Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Addiction Can Be Overcome Once and For All

The Narconon program has successfully helped thousands of people end their addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

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Our unique program addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction with a focus on raising one’s abilities. The result is someone who can better cope with all areas of their life without the compulsion to use alcohol or drugs as a solution.

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The Best Approach

When seeking a program for alcohol recovery, families should look for residential rehab to keep the alcoholic away from sources of temptation. It’s often helpful if the rehab center is in a different location than their usual drinking environment, so they aren’t tempted to get out and see their old friends. A change of one’s environment can be therapeutic in itself.

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In some cases, a person will need to go through a medical detox first, where they can be weaned down from heavy alcohol use. Alcoholics drinking large quantities every day may experience dangerous seizures, hallucinations, mental confusion, delirium and severe tremors when they cease drinking. To protect their health and even their life, a gradual withdrawal of alcohol is often necessary. Narconon centers work with medical detox facilities to provide this service to those who need it before beginning the full Narconon program.

Full and Lasting Recovery

Whether the addict requires and completes a medical detox or not, the first phase of the Narconon program is a nutritional-based drug-free withdrawal to fully come off the alcohol or other drugs they may have been given during wean down.

Next is the Narconon New Life Detoxification which enables the person to rid the body of stored residues from alcohol and other drugs. This step alone has resulted in tremendous change with many reports from those completing it that their cravings for drugs and alcohol have been greatly reduced or completed eliminated.

Once they have completed full detoxification from alcohol, an addict must start the process of rebuilding the life skills they have lost to alcohol addiction. What were the problems they chose to escape from by drinking? Who did they feel they fit in with when they drank? Why was being drunk the only way they felt they could have fun? Life’s problems and challenges must be better understood and decision-making skills must be developed, for an alcoholic to be able to stably stand on two sober feet.

Types of Alcohol Rehab Services

There are as many types of alcohol rehab as there are people with ideas of how to help someone recover from alcoholism. One of the oldest and best-known ones is AA, Alcoholics Anonymous. Through frequent (sometimes daily) meetings and a twelve-step program of personal actions, AA members around the world support each other through recovery.

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Other programs may use Eastern religious activities, or focus on outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing, horse activities or group encounters. While some people may benefit from these activities, true and lasting recovery requires getting to the root of the problem, the difficulties in life that led them to alcohol use, and gaining the life skills necessary live their life without alcohol.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program offers an eight to ten-week long-term residential program that addresses these factors. Employing nutrition, a healthful sauna detoxification, building communication skills and life skills, the Narconon program returns individuals addicted to alcohol to a position where they can be in control over their lives.