Narconon Global Mission

NARCONON’S MISSION is to provide an effective path for rehabilitation from drug abuse and to assist society in preventing the scourge of drugs worldwide.

Using the evidence-based, drug-free approach to rehabilitation developed by acclaimed author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, Narconon centers help those enslaved by drugs and alcohol to build new lives filled with purpose and productivity. Our graduates return to their families and communities drug-free and in control of their lives.

Narconon also provides comprehensive training to professionals and organizations seeking workable drug rehabilitation and prevention solutions.

About Narconon

The Pathway to Freedom from Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse wreak disastrous effects on society that reach far beyond the individual caught in the grip of addiction. The illicit drug trade is estimated at $400 billion annually...

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50 Years: Saving Lives from Drugs

Narconon (meaning “no narcotics”) drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is open to all who desire to end their addiction and lead productive, drug-free lives.

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The Narconon Program: Its Components

The Narconon program is a precise, step-by-step regimen that addresses all aspects of addiction to assist individuals to overcome its adverse effects for themselves and those around them.

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World-Class Facilities

Drug and alcohol addiction is a global problem requiring a global solution. Narconon centers worldwide are rising to meet the challenge with the international central facility in the United States, new model continental centers, a center especially for artists and leaders, and dozens of regional and local centers.

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Narconon International Science Advisory Board

The Narconon International Science Advisory Board members, led by Dr. Rohit Adi, are professionals who have contributed in the fields of addiction, rehabilitation, education, toxicology and detoxification. The board has played an active role in guiding research and outcome monitoring of the Narconon program. Meet the Board members.

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Recognition & Appreciation

As chronicled in this site, the Narconon program is based on a broad view of the factors of addiction and addresses the whole person.

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Studies & Reports

“A key element in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is the high priority given to the stage of reentry into society...”

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What Graduates Say

“The most significant part of the Narconon program for me was the point where I realized I could recover from my addiction and that I didn’t need to use drugs anymore.”

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What Families of Graduates Say

“Without the personal dedication of the staff and excellent rehab program instituted at Narconon, I believe my son would not be alive today.”

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