Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Even decades of alcohol abuse does not mean that recovery of a productive, enjoyable life is not possible. The important thing is to get an alcohol addict help at the first possible moment because of the unpredictability and destructiveness of their actions.

Man upset and drinking

A person who chronically abuses alcohol is going to start losing things he or she values and loves. It may be relationships or the trust of his or her fellow workers. It may extend all the way down to one’s freedom, as when alcohol abuse results in a car accident that hurts or kills someone.

For almost fifty years, alcohol addicts and abusers around the world have found hope at Narconon alcohol abuse treatment centers.

Determining Who Needs Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

As billions of people around the world drink, and many of them drink frequently, how do you separate out the problem drinkers from the rest of them? How do you determine who needs rehab and who doesn’t?

If you are close to them, you may be able to detect who is suffering harm as a result of drinking but continues to consume alcohol on a regular basis. Are there missed deadlines? Jobs not being done properly? Responsibilities being ignored? Bills not paid? Important people like bosses or family members being neglected or even abused?

Has a vehicle been damaged? Are there increasing numbers of insurance claims? Has money gone missing? Does the person himself or herself go missing for days or weekends? If events like these are mounting and the person in question is still drinking, it is very likely that the person is no longer in control of their drinking. And so they have, in essence, become an alcoholic, a person who compulsively drinks and can’t control it, despite the harm being done.

How the Narconon Program Enables Alcohol Abuse Sufferers to Achieve Sobriety

The preliminary step is to first determine if the alcohol abuser needs a medical detox to wean off the alcohol safely or if they can go directly into rehab. Once this concern is out of the way, the Narconon alcohol recovery program will begin to lead the person all the way out of the old lifestyle and into sobriety. The New Life Detoxification, a sauna, exercise and nutritional program will help an addicted person begin to feel himself (or herself) again, as the residual alcohol toxins are flushed from the body. For many recovering addicts, this phase is where the cravings for alcohol dramatically diminish.

Drug and alcohol abuse takes a toll on each addict’s awareness and can make life look dim and unpleasant. The next phase in the Narconon program, called Objectives, helps each person recover a brighter viewpoint on life and a brighter perception of the immediate environment. This phase can begin to build hope in the former addict that life can be fun again.

Next students build specific life skills that many addicts have lost: communication skills, personal values, and the ability to make drug-free decisions during critical junctures in life. These skills cannot be returned to addicts without their having examined their own lives for situations and relationships that need to be repaired and taking action to do so.

One does not have to live a life of loss, pain, injury or illness addicted to alcohol. These problems can be overcome once and for all if a person is willing to work at it and truly desires to recover.