Help Your Loved One Get Back in Control of His Life

helping an addict to get back in control of his life

When a person is using addictive drugs like prescription opiates, heroin, alcohol, even inhalants, he loses control of his life. Instead, the substance starts to control the person’s life. His (or her) cravings for a drink, a needle or a pill are in control. When addiction is in full force, these physical and mental cravings overwhelm every other interest in life.

His career, his education, his family - these all take a back seat. Even his or her morals decay, often to the point that crime or prostitution may be used to get the drugs that are so desperately needed. When a person starts to come off these drugs, the cravings can be so strong as to make him feel crazy. The only thing that makes the pain, sickness and despair go away is getting more drugs.

This is one of the primary ways that a person stays locked in addiction. This is one of the ways that addiction takes control away from the individual. All the dreams and goals of the past are lost to the overwhelming power of the drugs or drink.

How the Addict Can Get His Own Power Back

The Narconon recovery philosophy focuses on building a person’s ability to successfully handle his own life. No one in a Narconon rehab center is ever told that he is truly powerless. While he may feel powerless over his addiction when he arrives, he is taught that he can regain control and then he is taught the skills he needs to stay in control.

planning and control of one’s future

Narconon Graduate Finds that Rehab Provides Empowerment

Dustin completed the Narconon program in Texas. About his recovery at Narconon, he said, “They teach you at other places that you are powerless. You are taught, ‘If I slip up, it’s not my fault because I am powerless…’

“The tools and knowledge that I gained at Narconon are very empowering. It is a lot of power when you know what to do. I started being a lot more honest. I changed back to the person I was before I started lying. Now, the best word to describe the way I feel is ‘awakened.’ When I wake up in the morning, I don’t have to rely on something to make me feel good. That’s what I love most about being sober.”

Positive happy man.

Learn how the Narconon program can put your loved one back in control of his (or her) life in just a few months.

(To preserve privacy, the photo does not show an actual Narconon student or graduate.)