Resources for Anti-Drug Coalitions, Youth Clubs and Other Community Groups

Community Drug Awareness

Across the United States and Canada, thousands of anti-drug community groups and coalitions are staffed and supported by tens of thousands of employees and volunteers. These committed individuals form a front line of opposition to the advancing march of drug and alcohol abuse. As the media broadcast reports of softer attitudes toward drug abuse, it’s these groups and their allies who refuse to accept the idea of drug abuse becoming acceptable in our communities. Together, we popularize the benefits of drug and alcohol-free lives.

If you are associated with one of this nation’s anti-drug coalitions or other community groups or would like to be, we welcome you to this Community Resources page. You’ll find dozens of links to useful information on our website. You’ll also find many free downloads of booklets and handbooks that may assist you in your work. There are educational videos that you might find useful, and links to our bookstore items to take you to products you can purchase to help you achieve your goals.

We appreciate what you do and are glad to join you in the worthwhile effort to help our citizens enjoy productive, drug-free lives.

Educational Materials for Study or Download

Online Videos for Drug Prevention/Education

Drug Prevention or Recovery Materials for Purchase

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