What is a Drug?

In this Narconon drug education video, Bobby Wiggins (Drug Prevention Specialist) gives a simple to understand answer to the question “what is a drug?”

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Welcome to the first of the series, “The 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.” We’re going to be covering 10 misconceptions people have on drugs and we’re going to give you the answers to those questions.

Number one: There are good drugs and bad drugs. True or false?


  • Drugs are essentially poisons. A small amount of a drug will actually wake you up.
  • More of that same exact drug begins to slow you down and it will eventually put you to sleep.
  • Enough of that same drug fast enough - Kills you dead.

How many of you have seen somebody go out and drink two or three beers before? You see them and they start talking more and they’re more lively and, “Hey, come on, it’s party time!” Right?

Is that drug putting them to sleep or is it waking them up?

Exactly. It’s waking them up.

More of that drug - well how many of you have seen somebody drink nine or ten or eleven beers before? They get kind of tired and they say, “Hey, I gotta go to sleep.”

If anybody were dumb enough to drink a quart of whiskey in 15 minutes, I can almost guarantee you - they’re dead.

Once again, drugs are essentially poisons. A small amount wakes you up. More puts you to sleep. Enough fast enough - kills you dead.

Most drugs don’t hurt your mind. True or false? That’s our next segment on “The 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs.”

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