What Do Drugs Do to Your Nervous System?

In this short video, Bobby Wiggins, Narconon Drug Prevention Specialist, explains “What Do Drugs Do to Your Nervous System?”.

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Drugs improve your senses. True or false?

That’s actually false.

Drugs actually do this inside the body. Inside your body, we have what’s called the central nervous system. Inside your head, you have a brain, hopefully. At the bottom of that brain branching out to all the different parts of the body is the central nervous system.

This system, all it really does is send messages up and down through the body. If you burn your finger on a stove, bam a message goes up to your brain and it sends it up through that central nervous system.

When a person takes a drug, most drugs, what happens is it cuts off the communication in this central nervous system. That’s one of the reasons drugs will kill pain and will relax you because this nice smooth flow all the way through the body is actually stopped or cut off at some point.

So the benefit of the drug looks like, well I’m relaxed for a little while or I have no more pain and sometimes that is necessary, but that’s at the expense of your nervous system that gets cut off more and more and more the more the person uses the drug.

This central nervous system leads to all your senses. It leads to your eyes, it leads to your smell, every sense you have, touch, feel, everything until after a while, those senses are cut off throughout the entire body.

And that basically is what drugs really do to the person’s senses.

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