Why Do People Take Drugs?

A short description of why do people take drugs. In this video, Bobby Wiggins demonstrates, in a concise way, why people do drugs. He is a Drug Prevention Specialist and has given live presentations to over 900,000 people.

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(Transcript of the video)

No one knows what causes people to take drugs. True or false? That is false.

Actually there is a very, very important reason why everyone takes drugs.

Drugs relieve a person of an unwanted condition. That can be almost any unwanted condition.

That could be an unwanted condition like pain. You see a person take pain killers. He’s relieving pain.

Some people smoke marijuana to relax themselves. So that means they must be under some kind of stress or a little nervous otherwise the drug wouldn’t relieve that condition.

Many, many, many people take drugs per this unwanted condition. They are simply bored. Along comes Joe Smoe and says, “Here, try some of this, check it out.” You know. Guys hanging around sort of like, “Hey what do you want to do today?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Joe offers it to him and they go, “Hey we’ll check it out, let’s try it.”

What that drug does is it actually lifts him temporarily out of his boredom. We’re going to cover this later in the series, but that’s basically what happens. He’s temporarily relieved from that boredom.

The problem is there is some destruction that goes on in the body and when the drug wears off and he comes down, he comes down in a slightly lower condition than he was before.

But he knows one thing. That this will at least temporarily relieve this boredom or this stress or nervousness. Whatever the unwanted condition is. That’s why people take drugs. To relieve themselves temporarily of an unwanted condition.

Don’t miss the next in our series; part 4. What we’re going to do is were going to answer the question, “Most drugs aren’t habit forming.” True or false?

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