Is Alcohol a Drug?

In this short drug education video, Bobby Wiggins, Drug Prevention Specialist, answers this question.

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Welcome back to our series, the “10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs”.

Alcohol is not a drug. True or false?


As a matter of fact alcohol is probably the most widely used drug in America. An interesting statistic, not to bore you with statistics, but an interesting statistic, 55% of the inmates that are in prison in the United States, over half are there because of some alcohol related crime.

So alcohol is a very, very popular drug. I want to use our line that I showed you in the last presentation to illustrate how alcohol actually works on the body.

Once again, as I said, it relieves a person of an unwanted condition. Let’s say the guys just a little bit bored or lets say he works a job, his body’s a little sore and achy. He goes to the bar after work, he drinks a few beers. Body’s numb. His whole central nervous system goes numb. In other words, he’s feeling no pain.

He starts laughing, he’s having a good time for a little while, but then he begins to come down again as the drug wears off. That’s because in his body, a nutrient called vitamin B1 is being burnt up at a very, very rapid rate.

Vitamin B1 is important because it keeps a person from getting stressed in the first place. It works with the brain tissue. It works with important parts of the body to keep everything running like a finely tuned machine.

So when he comes down off the alcohol, he’s in a little bit worse shape, but like I said, he doesn’t really see the difference so again, he’s up again only for a short time. It wears off, he comes down a little bit lower.

Also attacked in the body besides B1 is vitamin C and vitamin B complex which gives the person energy.

After a while, you can see where this line is going when it comes to alcohol.

The question coming up that we’re going to answer is, “Marijuana is not harmful”. True or false?

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