Understanding the Dangers of Synthetic Drug Abuse


The class of drug includes the infamous “bath salts” and K2, also known as Spice. These drugs that have been widely covered in the media have unpredictable, hazardous and even fatal effects. But they are only two of hundreds of new synthetic drugs on the market.

What You Can Do About Synthetics Abuse

Tools for handling this rising problem

The Story of Synthetics

Fill in your basic knowledge of synthetic drugs and the effects that can follow the abuse of these drugs.

Introduction to Synthetics

Learn where these damaging drugs came from and how many there are.

Effects of Synthetics

Learn what to look for if someone you care about is using these drugs.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms like chest pain, heart attack and death are on the list.

Disastrous Stories

Learn the dire effects of using these drugs.


This is the type of drug that is often sold labeled as “bath salts.” Learn the terrifying symptoms that can follow its use.

Focus on Synthetic Stimulants

Data you need to know on synthetic stimulants.

Focus on Bath Salts

Learn about the effects of consuming bath salts.

Symptoms of Bath Salt Abuse

If someone you care about is abusing this drug, you need to know!

Focus on Spice

Learn of the risks and effects of spice.

Symptoms of Spice Abuse

Knowing when someone is abusing this dangerous drug can help you save their life.

Safety from Synthetics

The only safety is in preventing abuse. Here is help for the parent who wants to protect children.

Are Synthetic Drugs Legal?

Sellers may claim that they are. But what is the real story?

If a Loved One is Using Synthetics

Is a loved one addicted to synthetic drugs? Learn to identify symptoms and how to help.

The illicit market for synthetic drugs grows almost by the day. There are now hundreds of different drugs on the market, some of them incredibly dangerous.

Sadly, many people who begin abusing drugs acquire the viewpoint that they will survive any drug they try, even synthetics. Too many who try synthetics regret that decision. Some of the most horrific drug abuse stories in existence are related to synthetic drug abuse.

Get a detailed understanding of synthetic drugs, what they are called and what their effects are. With this understanding, you can protect your children and other family from falling into this trap of synthetic abuse. Synthetic drug abuse can end in addiction, psychosis, murder and self-destruction. Don’t let this happen to someone you love.

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