Karen in Drug overdoses
April 23, 2018

Why this “Flat Graph” is Only Partly Good News

The CDC maintains a running tally of the number of lives lost to drug overdoses in the United States. The last few months, a chart of these numbers is nearly flat, showing a pause in the rampant increases of prior months. Why isn’t this totally fabulous news?


Karen in Medication-assisted treatment
December 23, 2017

Life on Suboxone: Not as Pretty as the Brochures Make You Think

You’ve probably heard of Suboxone. But maybe you haven’t heard from its users what it’s like to break free from this drug. Chances are you won’t hear the real tale from anyone unless they’ve gone through it.


Magic Bullet to Addiction?

For the last few decades, one drug rehab expert after another has taken center stage to make claims about breakthroughs in solving addiction. Is the latest claim about medication-assisted treatment any better than old claims?


Karen in Drug Rehab
July 7, 2017

“Rogue” Suboxone Clinics Impede Real Recovery in Kentucky

In Kentucky, the Attorney General is taking on businesses distributing Suboxone the wrong way and working on legislation that would force them to do it the right way.


Karen in Drug Rehab
March 11, 2017

The Full Spectrum of Care for the Addicted

In the world of addiction treatment, there is a full spectrum of care available, a spectrum that extends from a program that tries to prevent harm as you continue to use drugs, all the way to programs with the goal of restoring the ability to live a fully drug-free life.