After working in addiction treatment for several years, Ren now travels the country, studying drug trends and writing about addiction in our society. Ren is focused on using his skill as an author and counselor to promote recovery and effective solutions to the drug crisis. Connect with Ren on LinkedIn.

Ren in Family Addiction
October 17, 2019

Should Family Members Have a Right to Know When a Loved One Overdoses on Drugs?

As soon as we get into the realm of medicine, patient medical history, physical health, and mental health, we start walking on delicate ground. On the one hand, it is essential to maintain privacy and personal confidentiality when it comes to an individual’s medical history.


Ren in Drug Prevention
October 15, 2019

Campus Safety—Higher Learning without Substance Abuse

When we think of college, we think of institutions of higher learning. We think of places that our young adult sons and daughters go to expand their knowledge, to flourish, to grow intellectually, and to develop their life goals and ambitions.


Ren in Drug Rehab
October 9, 2019

The Value of Long-Term Care in Addiction Treatment

Just a cursory glance at the news or CDC documentation will tell us that addiction can be and often is a fatal condition. Drug use is currently one of the top causes of preventable deaths in the United States.


Ren in Drug Prevention
October 3, 2019

Why It’s So Important Not to Drink or Use Drugs during Pregnancy

It has been common knowledge for some time that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume drugs, drink alcohol to excess, or consume tobacco. All three of these activities are not only harmful to Mom’s health, but such activities also pose a risk to her unborn or infant child.


Ren in News
October 2, 2019

Drug Deaths, Suicide, and a Three-Year Drop in Life Expectancy - What Does It Mean?

One of the most telling indicators of the overall health of a nation’s population is its life expectancy. When a population’s life expectancy improves, this is a sign of overall improvement for that country. When a country’s life expectancy falls, especially after a period of steady growth in life expectancy, that is something to be worried about.


Ren in Drug Education
October 1, 2019

Most Opioid Pill Addicts Still Receive Opioid Prescriptions Following an Overdose

Addiction is the health crisis of the century for millions of Americans and their families. A cursory examination of the addiction epidemic timeline reveals that pharmaceutical opioids played a huge role in the creation of the epidemic.


Ren in Drug overdoses
September 26, 2019

Not Every Overdose Is Fatal, What Happens When the Addict Survives?

Our country is more familiar with drug overdoses than we perhaps ever have been. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70,237 people died in the U.S. from drug overdoses in 2017. That’s the highest that number has ever been in our country.


Ren in Drug Addiction
September 24, 2019

Is There a Connection Between Marijuana Use and Prescription Drug Use?

People seek drugs for all kinds of reasons. Some are trying to find an escape from a struggle or difficulty that they are facing in life. Others are peer pressured by their “friends” into using drugs. Some want to experience something different, something that makes them feel good.


Ren in Drug Education
September 22, 2019

Drinking and Marijuana Use Results in Increased Tobacco Consumption in Some Individuals

A healthy lifestyle is always preferred over an unhealthy one. As we go through life, we try to be as healthy as we can. Those intentions are, of course, strongly affected by a wide variety of factors. These include socioeconomic condition, genetic endowment, upbringing, geographic location, peer environment, available resources, etc. Still, we do the best that we can with the resources available.


Ren in Drug Prevention
September 18, 2019

How Does Alcohol Marketing Affect Alcohol Use in Young Adults?

Advertising is a growing industry and has been for some time. We see ads pop up everywhere. TV and radio stations have advertised the products and services of sponsors for decades now. Billboards, vinyl wraps on public transportation, newspapers, signs in store windows, and now the internet.