After working in addiction treatment for several years, Ren now travels the country, studying drug trends and writing about addiction in our society. Ren is focused on using his skill as an author and counselor to promote recovery and effective solutions to the drug crisis. Connect with Ren on LinkedIn.

Ren in News
October 13, 2021

How Indigenous Communities are Robbed of Their Land and Their Lives by Drug Trafficking and Addiction

Indigenous Americans in both North and South America spent much of the last 500 years subjected to land theft at the hands of settler-colonial powers. Today’s Indigenous communities face a similar existential crisis, this time in the form of land grabs by illegal drug cartels and a complicit pharmaceutical industry.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
October 10, 2021

CDC Guidelines Suggest More Conservative Opioid Prescribing, but Is it Enough?

In the wake of the ongoing opioid addiction and overdose epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published conservative prescribing guidelines for U.S. doctors to follow. And while there have been some welcome reductions in prescribing as a result, physicians should go a step further and offer patients alternatives to addictive pain meds.


Ren in Legislation
September 25, 2021

The Sackler Case Comes to a Close; Final Analysis and the Importance of Holding Pharma Companies Accountable

Consider this: Purdue Pharmaceuticals/the Sacklers versus thousands of plaintiffs nationwide. It was one of the most closely watched pharmaceutical litigations of our time, and it just came to a close. While there were some small victories in the case, many see its outcome as a loss for those who suffered at the hands of Purdue’s addictive opioid painkiller, OxyContin.


Ren in Drug-Related News
September 20, 2021

A Shocking Increase in Cannabis Laced with Other Drugs

Using marijuana by itself presents risks. But when other drugs are added into that marijuana, the substance becomes far, far more dangerous. Sadly, that’s exactly what is occurring in cities all across America.


Ren in Drugs and Crime
September 7, 2021

Treat Addiction, Don’t Penalize It

Though the War on Drugs has been waged in the U.S. for 50 years, it has never been effective in curbing drug addiction. In fact, America's drug problem has only gotten worse.


Ren in Drug Information
September 5, 2021

What Is the Gray Death?

As the opioid epidemic continues to unfold, a new threat has revealed itself. It’s called the gray death, and it’s already killed several Americans.


Ren in Marijuana Use
September 3, 2021

Is There Proof that Marijuana Causes Permanent Harm in Adolescents?

Even as marijuana legalization continues to advance across the U.S., there is an accumulation of evidence that marijuana is harmful, (possibly permanently damaging), for youths. What must be done to protect adolescents from a drug that is detrimental to them, one that is becoming easier to obtain?


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
September 2, 2021

Why Do Fewer than One in Ten Alcohol Addicts Get Treatment?

Alcohol addiction. It is a crisis and an epidemic of a nationwide scale, one of the most underreported and insufficiently discussed public health problems in the United States. And sadly, even though treatment options do exist, fewer than 10% of alcohol addicts ever receive such treatment.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
August 30, 2021

Every State Now Has a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Public health experts usually agree that preventive efforts should be used as a front-line defense against health problems. In the case of drug and alcohol addiction, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs are useful preventive tools that states can use to reduce the diversion of pharmaceuticals into the hands of addicts.


Ren in Marijuana
August 12, 2021

Young People Face Increased Risk From Cannabis Consumption

The subject of heated debate and an ongoing discussion regarding its legalization, marijuana has become a common talking point at American dinner tables, in school classrooms, and on political stages. And though many states have moved towards legalizing the substance, doing so may have harmful implications for young people.