Karen in Recovery
February 16, 2022

The Warning Signs of Relapse and How to Prevent It

To maintain long-term sobriety, it’s vital to be alert to the warning signs that your sobriety could be weakening. Taking action when these signs are noted and proactively building a strong, sober future are important ways to maintain that cherished sobriety.


Julie in Recovery
February 3, 2022

Addiction Recovery Is Giving Up One Thing to Gain Everything Else

To many people, what I have now may not be considered a fancy or exciting life, but to me, it’s precisely the life that I wanted, and the one that would still be out of reach had I never gathered up the courage to overcome my addiction.


Julie in Recovery
August 26, 2021

Using Lessons From Rehab… Nine Years Later

Nine years later, I am still able to apply what I learned in rehab all those years ago to not only stay sober but to thrive while doing so.


Julie in Sobriety
April 1, 2021

Ten Great Things About Long-Term Sobriety

It took me a while to realize that alcohol and I had a pretty dysfunctional and toxic relationship and that I do so much better when I stay as far away from it as I can.


Ren in Drug Rehabilitation
March 6, 2019

Why Addicts Need Rehab

In 21st century America, drug and alcohol abuse is becoming more common, perhaps more common than it ever has been before. We are faced with a drug addiction epidemic, a crippling nightmare that has caused more than twenty-four million Americans to become hooked on drugs and alcohol.