After overcoming her own addiction in 2012 Julie went on to become certified as an addiction counselor in order to help others achieve a life of recovery. She worked in the addiction field for 8 years and now uses both her personal and professional experiences with addiction as an influence for her writing.

Julie in Recovery
May 5, 2022

Tips for Staying Sober This Summer

Practical tips on ways to stay sober this summer from someone who has been there.


Julie in Drug Addiction
February 17, 2022

Ten Signs It’s Time to Get Addiction Help Right Away

If you are unsure whether you or someone you love needs help for their addiction, here are some common signs that it is time to get professional help as soon as possible.


Julie in Drug Rehab
February 8, 2022

How to Make the Most Out of Time Spent in Rehab

If you are finding yourself in the position of considering going to rehab or getting ready for your treatment stay, there are a few things to keep in mind while you are there.


Julie in Recovery
February 3, 2022

Addiction Recovery Is Giving Up One Thing to Gain Everything Else

To many people, what I have now may not be considered a fancy or exciting life, but to me, it’s precisely the life that I wanted, and the one that would still be out of reach had I never gathered up the courage to overcome my addiction.


Julie in Recovery
January 31, 2022

Ten Great Reasons to Get Sober Now

If you or someone you know is on the fence about pursuing a life of addiction recovery, here are ten great reasons why it is a great idea to get sober now.


Julie in Family Addiction
January 27, 2022

How Addiction Hurts the Whole Family & How to Help

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, chances are you have been experiencing some of the following issues.


Julie in Drug Prevention
January 25, 2022

The Importance of Talking to Kids About Drugs

There are now more street drugs than ever, and people are dying from drugs and alcohol at unprecedented rates, so it is more important than ever that parents educate themselves on this subject.


Julie in Alcohol Abuse
December 31, 2021

Why Has Binge Drinking in College Been Normalized?

Overindulging in alcohol in college has become so socially acceptable that it is almost seen as a right of passage into adulthood. The problem with normalizing binge drinking is that it doesn’t address the genuine dangers of overdrinking.


Julie in Health risks
December 30, 2021

Despite Claims Of Health Benefits, Drinking Alcohol Remains Leading Cause of Preventable Death

While there are numerous health benefits from consuming resveratrol, it is essential to remember that alcohol in any form is a known carcinogen. When it comes to resveratrol, there are other ways this nutrient can be added to one’s diet.


Julie in Family Addiction
December 16, 2021

Ways to Address a Loved One Avoiding Getting Help For Their Addiction

Facing an addiction can be a daunting idea and because of this many people will come up with reasons to keep out of going to treatment. While this may make the prospect of getting a loved one into rehab more challenging, but there are solutions to just about every excuse that is given.