Rebuilding Trust

With me personally I burned a lot of bridges using, using drugs, and bridges that I couldn't repair at all.

And I thought there was no way I could build those bridges back. I mean, I totally burned every bridge that, you know, family, friends — I wasn't a loyal person, I wasn't — I wasn't loving, I wasn't kind.

Relationships, couldn't hold on to them, couldn't hold on to work, because I only had one thing on my mind, and one thing only that was controlling my life, which was drugs.

And when I went through the program, that totally changed.

I no longer have those gloomy feelings or those dark feelings anymore.

And I was able to gain back the trust of my parents. I was able to fix broken relationships that I, I didn't in the past. And get everything back that I had.

I just recently got married, in August and that was a great thing because, you know, taking that step in my life and it's just, I have all these things now and I owe it because of the Narconon Program – I really do. I wouldn't have the life I have today without it, you know. I'd be dead.

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