Recovering from Addiction in Michigan with Effective Drug Rehabilitation

A lighthouse on Lake Michigan.

Michigan is a state of contrasts, from the factories of Detroit to the dense, remote forests of the Upper Peninsula. It’s surrounded by the Great Lakes, and 11,000 smaller lakes pepper its landscape. Despite its wealth of natural beauty, Michigan is plagued by the same problems of drug use and addiction as the rest of the country. In the small town of Albion, situated halfway between Battle Creek and Ann Arbor, Narconon Freedom Center offers Michiganders and others the chance to start new, sober lives.

A Long History of Helping

The Narconon program itself has a more than 50-year history of helping people leave the heartbreak of addiction far behind. From a single center in Los Angeles, the network has grown to encompass dozens of centers on six different continents. There are centers in Taiwan, Russian, Italy, Egypt, England, and of course, several in the United States. Wherever the program is delivered, precise manuals and staff training ensure that it is exactly the same from one center to the next.

Starting on the Road to Full Recovery

Every person arriving at a Narconon rehab center starts with a well-supported withdrawal step. Generous nutritional support helps calm one’s aches and pains, and intensive work with the staff addresses a person’s emotional upsets. As this is a drug-free approach, anyone being admitted to the Narconon program would first obtain a medical evaluation as to whether they needed an initial medically assisted wean down. In this case, a medical detox would be completed prior to starting the drug-free withdrawal at Narconon.

No one wants to be an addict. Starting rehab is a very positive move but still, the transition is difficult for most people. The numbness of drugs begins to drop away and the person’s fears and pain are uncovered. It’s a good time to have plenty of caring support. Staff offer one-on-one exercises that help a person stay objective and living in the present. For many who have been to rehab before, this can be the most positive start to a recovery they’ve ever experienced.

Detoxification and Improvement of Outlook and Self-Control

At Narconon Freedom Center in Michigan, as well as any other Narconon center, the next phase is a thorough detoxification that reaches deep into the cells to draw out old drug residues. Although a person’s body tries to break down drugs and eliminate them, some traces are left behind. These traces are enough to cloud a person’s thinking and emotions. With an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time spent in a low-heat sauna, the body’s ability to wash away these traces is activated. Toxins are washed away by sweating and a person’s viewpoint gradually becomes brighter. Many people say that their cravings are manageable after this detoxification. Some people even say their physical cravings are gone!

The next step of recovery is the objectives—precise exercises that help each person improve their perceptions and control of their immediate surroundings. At the same time, each person learns how to live in the present and also gains more control over actions, decisions and even thoughts. This is a big step forward for a person who needs to forge new habits and more positive patterns in life.

Regaining Life Skills

Offering rehabilitation involves picking a person up from a desperate state and teaching them how to enjoy sobriety again. There are many barriers to this recovery, most significantly the pain and guilt the person in recovery experiences as he (or she) makes this journey. As soon as the drugs wear off, he will begin to feel the guilt that substances kept him numb to.

Every addicted person feels guilt for the harm done in the past. Recovery must include finding relief from this and other sad, angry or desperate emotions. The life skills learned and applied on the Narconon program give the person a practical way to relieve themselves from the guilt resulting from harm they have caused in the past, and tools to restore broken relationships with family and friends.

Time spent addicted is terribly hard on a person’s life skills. One’s morality and integrity is normally destroyed by lengthy addiction. To achieve a lasting recovery, a person must have a new grasp of the way to solve problems without resorting to drug use, and he must recover his sense of self-esteem. The Life Skills component of the Narconon program offers an education in a new way of thinking, deciding and living. These restored life skills support continued sobriety once the person gets home.

Alcohol Down, Meth and Painkillers Up

Downtown Detroit at night.

If you just looked at the statistics for alcohol use and harm in Michigan, you might think things were going well in this state. After all, for both teens and adults, alcohol use has been declining. However, at the same time, methamphetamine use and painkiller misuse have been climbing. And the damage from heroin has been growing even faster.

Back in 1999, there were only 62 deaths from prescription opioids and 37 deaths from heroin. Fast forward to 2014, and there were 568 opioid deaths and 433 heroin deaths.

In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control noted that Michigan was among those states with the fastest-increasing number of drug overdose deaths—the number of overdose deaths reached 1,980 deaths from all drugs.

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Michiganders need choices that return their loved ones to lasting sobriety. They need a rehab program that actually rehabilitates a person’s interest in and ability to enjoy a productive, sober life. Simply prescribing medications like methadone or buprenorphine will never get this result.

If someone you care about needs recovery from addiction, whether you are in Michigan or one of the surrounding states, contact Narconon today to find out how this rehab program could be the last one you ever need.

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