Drug Rehab for Jackson, MI

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Drug abuse is often considered an epidemic, a widespread plague that destroys all in its path. When your loved one has been afflicted with this life-threatening problem, it is vital to get them help as soon as possible. You search desperately, hoping for success before you get a phone call with news you don’t want to hear - like your loved one is in jail, or has overdosed. You will be glad to know that help is available with the Narconon drug rehabilitation center in Albion, Michigan.

The Narconon Freedom Center, a residential drug rehab facility, located only a half hour from Jackson, offers a holistic program that enables individuals to overcome their addiction for good.

Lasting Sobriety with a Holistic Drug Rehab near Jackson

To accomplish a lasting sober life for an addicted person, Narconon offers an approach that includes a drug-free withdrawal and no drug substitutes used throughout the remaining steps. This is an important factor in achieving sobriety.

Substitute medications such as methadone or buprenorphine are just as addictive as the illicit drugs that the recovering addict is trying to leave behind. Trading one addiction for another is never a solution for saving addicted lives.

Where a step down is medically required in the case of certain drugs such as benzodiazepines or heavy alcohol use, we also work with medical detox services so they can be weaned down before starting the Narconon program. This puts them safely on the road to living a truly drug-free life. 

Drug Recovery Treatment that Makes a Difference

The first step in the effective Narconon program is withdrawal. As trained staff carefully monitor the recovering addict’s progress, he or she receives generous nutrients, needed to replace those destroyed by drug use. Gentle relaxation and reorientation procedures assist the addict with aches or pains he or she experiences, and helps the person to become aware of their new safe environment.

Since drug residues do not all leave the body after drug use, the next step is the Narconon New Life Detoxification. Residual drugs lodge in fatty tissues in the body, and with the right conditions present, get released back into the bloodstream. It is vital to flush these out. The Narconon New Life Detoxification does just that, with a combination of exercise, low-heat sauna and nutritional support.

After the full detoxification, the person recovering from a life of drug abuse could believe he was complete and ready to reenter society. However, he will be going back to a life where the same pressures and stresses exist as before when he was using drugs. He must learn how to deal with these effectively with Narconon’s unique life skills courses.

One of the life skills he will need is the ability to confront and deal with past situations that caused him to lose his self-respect and integrity. The course that provides this skill is called the Personal Values. Here, as he gains relief from the guilt of past misdeeds, he is ready to move forward into a bright and productive life.

Wide Availability of Drugs Makes the Problem More Intense

Those in Jackson, Michigan know the tragedies brought about by drug use among both the young and the old. It is common knowledge that prescription drug abuse is widespread, as well as the illicit use of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. It’s a problem that spans all ages, races and economic groups in Jackson and elsewhere in Michigan.

You can have your loved one take part in an alternative program that provides effective treatment for lasting sobriety. Narconon Freedom Center in Albion is an ideal choice. Call Narconon today.