Alternative Addiction Rehab

If you or a family member has attended a conventional addiction program and had no success, then you should look at an alternative addiction rehab.

The Narconon program has successfully helped thousands of individuals end their addiction to drugs and alcohol once and for all.

Narconon is an alternative addiction rehab mainly because we do not use replacement drugs in the rehabilitation process, which if used, often just end up replacing one addiction for another. Our goal is full rehabilitation from addiction and a drug free life for good.

We also address all factors of the persons life with a strong emphasis on raising one's abilities so the addict themselves can overcome their addiction and leave it behind.

Those arriving at a Narconon center find an alternative program based on the following concepts:

  • First, help the person through a tolerable withdrawal process by providing generous nutritional supplementation and gentle objective exercises that calm both the body and mind.
  • Then help the person re-engage with others and the environment through practice of simple communication skills.
  • Deeply detoxify the body through use of an exact nutritional program, moderate exercise and time in a low-heat sauna, the result being the flushing out of old, lodged drug toxins.
  • Now that the person can think clearly, begin to teach the life skills that can help him or her function successfully.
  • Repair the damage done to perception and communication through a program of communication exercises that reaches deep to restore awareness and enjoyment of life.

The Narconon program is by nature an alternative addiction rehab. It employs no drugs in the rehabilitation process.

Starting a New Life

Once graduated, the person is not required to attend meetings. He is only expected to use what he has learned to operate a drug-free life.

Finding the Right Option

For the family that's been through addiction treatment before, it may be time to look at alternative addiction rehab. And for the family or addicted person seeking help for the first time, Narconon is the perfect place to start eliminating addiction problems for good.

If you would like to find a Narconon rehab program in your area, call today.