Drug Rehab for Sterling Heights, Michigan

The horror you feel when you find a loved one trapped in the ever-increasing downward spiral of drug addiction has no bounds. You see a person you care about falling into a seemingly bottomless pit of despair and helplessness. If you have been searching for a solution to solve drug abuse in someone you love, you will be happy to know that a Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is only two hours away.

The Narconon Freedom Treatment Center is a drug rehab facility with a 70 percent success rate. This residential program enables the addict to finally leave drugs behind. Located in Albion, Michigan, this Narconon center offers a drugless method of treatment, experienced and trained staff and nutritional support. It is important to get proper nutrition to replace the nutrients that have been depleted by the person’s poor lifestyle and drug use.

Drugless Drug Rehab in Sterling Heights is Vital to Lasting Recovery

There are a few other drug rehab options in the vicinity, however, many drug rehabs include substitute medications throughout their program, such as methadone, antidepressants and the like. These drugs are as addictive as the one the addicted person has been taking. Substituting one addiction for another is never a good solution.

The Narconon program is a holistic one that offers no drugs in withdrawal or as the person progresses through the steps of recovery. To truly find freedom from drugs and prevent factors that lead to relapse, a drug-free rehabilitation is essential.

Drug Recovery Addressing Life Skills Required for a Drug-free Life

Withdrawal is quite tolerable for most people on the Narconon program. Trained staff carefully monitor the person throughout the process. The recovering addict gets generous nutritional support that helps with mood and energy. Relaxation exercises ease any aches or pains and reorientation exercises assist them in becoming aware of their new, safe and drug-free environment.

When through withdrawal, the next step taken is The Narconon New Life Detoxification. Once receiving medical approval to begin this innovative program, the person does moderate exercise, spends time in a dry, low-heat sauna and takes a specific regimen of nutritional supplements. Toxins or drug residues that have been lodged in the fatty tissues of the body are thus flushed out, leaving the person feeling much more clear-headed.

An addict going through the Narconon program needs an education to re-learn certain life skills. Part of bringing about lasting sobriety means confronting one’s past. One of the life skills courses they do is the Personal Values and Integrity Course. Here the individual will gain relief from any guilt he feels about his past misdeeds. He or she will be able to move forward into a brighter and more productive future.

Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights, Michigan lies in Macomb County, a county designated by law enforcement as being a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. The rate of drug use in these areas of Michigan average higher levels than in the rest of the United States. Drugs are certainly more and more available. It makes it imperative to find a drug rehab that provides lasting freedom from the need to reach for a pill or drink.

For an alternative program providing effective treatment for addiction, choose the Narconon inpatient center in Albion. Here the one you love will find sobriety can become a reality. Call Narconon today.