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Narconon Freedom Treatment Center

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809 W. Erie Street Albion, MI 49224

Phone: (877) 362-9682 Phone:(517)629-8661

Website: Michigan Treatment Center 

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saunas at Narconon Freedom Center saunas at Narconon Freedom Center

course room at Freedom Center

One of the largest Narconon centers delivering drug and alcohol rehabilitation is located in Albion, Michigan. The Narconon Freedom Treatment Center was founded in 2002 and attracts not only local residents but also people from all over the country who wish to learn to live a new, drug-free life.

Many of the addicts who come to the Narconon Freedom Treatment Center for their recovery are addicted to prescription drugs such as anti-depressants or Suboxone, a drug used in some addiction treatment facilities to bring a person off opioid drugs without withdrawal symptoms. At Narconon, families find a program for their addicted loved one that uses no drugs of any kind in the rehabilitation process. Some families are relieved that a drug treatment program believes that a fully drug-free life is possible and have said, “I wish I had found it sooner.”

The addiction recovery facility was established in a large building on ten acres populated by many deer and other wildlife. Two wings serve as dorms for men or women. Each wing has its own lounge and laundry facility, and there is a common lounge for men and women together. Students on the substance abuse treatment program play volleyball, ping pong, basketball, softball, football or work out in the weight room.

Freedom Center in Michigan

Friday nights are graduation nights for all those who completed a step in the program or the entire drug rehabilitation program, with pizza and outings to town for movies or bowling. During most parts of the program, families are welcome to visit.

The capacity at the Narconon Freedom Treatment Center is for up to 100 people seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Forty staff, including on-site registered nurses and regular visits from a medical doctor help make sure that every students gets the care he or she needs for a successful recovery from addiction.

The aftercare program is administered by a staff member who has thirty years of experience with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Weekly phone calls for six months and then bi-weekly calls for the rest of the year help reinforce the lessons graduates learned while they were doing the Narconon program to help keep them drug-free for the rest of their lives.

While at the Narconon Freedom Treatment Center, some students may wish to reach out and give back to the community. It’s common for people who are building new drug-free lives to realize that they need to help others as part of their own recovery. So students may help out at holiday times by building parade floats or at any time by helping hand out drug education materials. Narconon staff work hard to prevent future addiction by going to schools and delivering lectures and drug education materials. Narconon Freedom Treatment Centers community alliances extend also to working with probation officers and local doctors who have clients or patients who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. The center is licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Community Health as a Substance Abuse Program.

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