Karen in Drug Use
April 4, 2022

The State of Teen Drug Use: What Are the Real Numbers?

Are our children using more drugs or less these days? How about drinking and binge drinking? Actually, quite a bit of the information is positive.


Ren in Alcohol
March 20, 2021

Alcohol Manufacturers Intentionally Target Underage Demographics with Marketing Campaigns

The alcohol industry spends close to $500 million annually on alcohol advertising. Many would not think twice about this. But what about when alcohol advertising encourages teenagers and underage young adults to drink?


Karen in Alcohol
December 17, 2019

How Alcohol is Killing America’s Young People

When we find that an increasing number of young people are dying from injury-related causes, it’s time to look at how many of them could be losing their lives from preventable, alcohol-related causes.


Ren in Drug Prevention
September 18, 2019

How Does Alcohol Marketing Affect Alcohol Use in Young Adults?

Advertising is a growing industry and has been for some time. We see ads pop up everywhere. TV and radio stations have advertised the products and services of sponsors for decades now. Billboards, vinyl wraps on public transportation, newspapers, signs in store windows, and now the internet.


Karen in Drug Use
February 11, 2019

Youth Too Often Choose to Ride with Impaired Drivers, Not Realizing They Risk Their Lives

Peer pressure can make teens and young adults feel compelled to go along with dangerous stunts. They might not realize that getting in the car with an impaired driver could be one of the most dangerous stunts of all.


Karen in Alcohol
January 31, 2019

Slow-Onset Alcohol Deaths, Overlooked by Media and Activists Alike

Excessive alcohol consumption is killing more people than drug overdoses, but you see almost nothing about this problem in the headlines. We take a closer look at the depth of this challenge to social and individual health.


Ren in Drug prevention
December 6, 2018

Teen Drinking and How to Prevent It

No parent wants to find out that their teen has a drinking problem. Parents want the best for their kids. Parents want their kids to have healthy and rewarding lifestyles, to do well in school and in activities of their own choosing, and to experience adolescence and young adulthood in a way that sets them up for a rewarding and pleasant adult life. But teen drinking throws a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans…


Sue Birkenshaw in Studies
July 11, 2018

Study Finds Most Alcohol Drug Abuse Starts In Teen Years

When we think about our future generation, about the last thing we would want to contemplate is losing our teens to addiction. But now, a French university study finds most alcohol, drug abuse starts in teen years.


The Battle to Reduce Alcohol Use by Underage Drinkers

Despite laws, despite the fact that many parents warn their children against using alcohol when they are underage, the vast majority of our adolescents drink alcohol. You can see exactly how many in this chart from the Surgeon General’s 2007 Call to Action to end underage drinking.


Sue Birkenshaw in Narconon
September 26, 2012

Early Drinking Puts Kids at Greater Risk For Alcohol Abuse Later In Life

Let’s face it. Alcohol is a recreational drug that is socially accepted. There are commercials for it that play on every commercial break of every American sporting event dating back to our Grandpa’s days. It is served at parties, weddings, holidays, and almost every social gathering these days.