Ren in Professionals
November 4, 2020

How Often Do Medical Experts Become Addicted to the Very Substances They Sometimes Must Prescribe?

Addiction can crop up among any set of people. No one is safe from the risk of addiction. Even highly trained medical experts still fall prey to the very substances that they sometimes must prescribe.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
February 8, 2019

The Need to Humanize Addiction

When we look at significant illnesses like cancer, diabetes, MS, heart conditions, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and so on, our hearts go out to those who struggle with such illnesses. We feel strongly for them and for the struggles they inevitably face.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
November 29, 2018

How Did More than Seventy-Two Thousand Die from Overdoses in 2017? New Numbers and Their Explanation

Did you know that seventy-two thousand Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017? This is a shocking statistic.


Ren in Medication-assisted treatment
November 18, 2018

Medications are not the Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

Our country is mired in a terrible opioid addiction epidemic, the likes of which our great nation has never seen before. This is a crippling addiction phenomenon, a national public health emergency of the worst kind.


Ren in Prescription drugs
November 4, 2018

What are E-Prescriptions and How Do They Affect the Drug Problem?

We are approaching a point in our society where drug and alcohol addiction are our primary concerns in the overall health and vitality of the American people.


Sue Birkenshaw in Narconon
January 19, 2013

Are Medical Professionals Who Abuse Drugs Putting Lives at Risk?

Medical professionals have a new hurdle to overcome: their own addiction. When the stresses of the job become overwhelming, drug abuse can seem a great way to escape—especially with easy access to a variety of substances.


Sue Birkenshaw in Narconon
January 11, 2013

Not Rare for Medical Professionals to Abuse Drugs

If you visit the doctor for medical help, chances are you are counting on them to examine you thoroughly, give you an honest diagnosis, and prescribe the medication you need to feel better.