Karen in News
February 25, 2021

U.S. States Request $2.2 TRILLION Compensation from Purdue to Address Opioid Harm

Forty-seven U.S. States have filed lawsuits against Purdue Pharma, requesting a total of $2.2 trillion dollars as compensation for Purdue's contributions to the opioid epidemic. Is this a fair number?


Ren in Pharmaceutical Companies
November 2, 2020

OxyContin Maker Closed, Fined $8 Billion

The maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, has agreed to plead guilty to three federal criminal charges for its role in creating and advancing the nation's opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, this does not even come close to holding Purdue accountable for the damage it caused.


Karen in Legislation
February 14, 2020

What Was Johnson & Johnson's Role in Triggering the Opioid Epidemic?

Oklahoma's lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson revealed the role this company played in encouraging the too-liberal use of opioid painkillers. Witness testimony also pointed to the special way this company profited from increased prescribing – of their own drugs or even drugs from other companies.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
February 11, 2020

Opioid Lawsuits – Where Should Settlement Money Go?

An October 2019 article in USA Today focused on how critical it is that opioid lawsuit settlement dollars are used to treat addiction. This should be a given, to use settlements from pharma companies to treat addicts (especially considering that many addicts would not be addicts were it not for prescription painkillers).


Ren in Legislation
August 22, 2019

Makers of Fentanyl Under Fire for Bribing Doctors

There’s something special and even a little energizing when the bad guy finally gets caught. When the underdog hero somehow manages to win against insurmountable odds.


Ren in Legislation
July 21, 2019

Drug Court Vs. Treatment: How Drug Courts Can Help | Narconon

In a nation that struggles with a drug addiction epidemic, our society rapidly seeks solutions and methodology for reducing the drug problem.


Ren in Legislation
July 17, 2019

Pharma Loses Major Lawsuit

Many of us silently cheer when we hear about a mega-corporation losing a lawsuit against an underdog. This particular aspect of human nature is evidenced in Hollywood films, music, books, pop culture, and bedtime stories.


Ren in News
June 28, 2019

Slow Progress in Fighting The Addiction Epidemic

After working with hundreds of people who struggled with addiction over the last eight years, I’ve often wondered if our country’s drug problem has an end in sight. I’ve seen addiction in my fellow man in one form or another all my life.


Ren in Legislation
December 15, 2018

One Federal Judge from Ohio Takes on Big Pharma

All across the nation, our country has experienced increasing drug problems and addiction issues. But even though the entire nation as a whole has experienced growing drug problems and issues, the entire nation has not experienced this crisis equally.


Ren in Legislation
August 29, 2018

One Senator is Putting Pressure on Pharmaceutical Companies

While U.S. politicians have historically left pharmaceutical organizations alone and have even, in fact, flowed them power, one U.S. Senator is making waves by doing the exact opposite.