Ren in Recovery
February 6, 2019

“The Perfect Week”: Ten Activities to Include in Your Week for Success in Recovery

One of the biggest fears that anyone in recovery has is the fear of relapse. And we get that. Life as a newly-sober individual is challenging. Going through an addiction treatment center can do a lot for helping an individual turn their life around, but it won’t solve all of their problems for them.


Karen in Alcohol
March 21, 2018

“Getting to Zero Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities” — Realistic or Overly Optimistic?

When people talk about reducing the harm done by alcohol or drugs, there always seems to an assumption that some people are always going to use these substances harmfully. No matter what you do, some people will die in the driver’s seat after leaving the bar or some young people will accidentally overdose on painkillers. That’s why I found it so refreshing that one group is on a mission to reduce alcohol-related traffic deaths to zero.


Karen in Red Ribbon Week
October 18, 2017

For Parents: A Lesson in Effective Prevention for Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week occurs every October, offering communities a consistent anti-drug message to deliver to youth. It’s also a good time for parents to take a look at how to increase the effectiveness of their anti-drug messages to their children.


Karen in Marijuana
August 29, 2017

Netflix and the Message of their New Show, Disjointed

Netflix presents a new sitcom about a cannabis shop called Ruth’s Alternative Caring. Staff and customers are routinely high, stoner and sexual jokes abound. What message does this kind of show send to our children?


Karen in Drug Prevention
July 9, 2017

We MUST Teach Our Young People: DEATH is a Side Effect of Drug Abuse

It’s so much more pleasant to be loving, trusting and supportive. But you must know when to change gears to prevent the destruction of a person’s future, hopes and even their life. It starts with your own education on drugs and addiction and the education of your teens. Even with young adults, you can still initiate conversations that could save their lives.


Karen in Drug Prevention
July 3, 2017

The Single Most Important Way to Help Kids Stay Drug-Free

Most parents talk to their children about drugs or underage drinking and express their desire that the kids stay drug-free. But there is one more step that parents should be taking that influences their ability to stay off drugs. We’ll explain.


Karen in Drug prevention
February 6, 2017

Super Bowl 2017 Offers Drug Prevention Group a Chance to Save Young Lives

Every year, Superbowl advertising minutes offer an opportunity to reach more than one hundred million people in a flash. This year, viewers were served two public service announcements revealing the dangers of leaving prescription drugs unlocked, where they could be misused by youth.


Karen in Drug prevention
December 30, 2016

Urgent Call to Action for All Parents: More Drug Prevention Needed

It’s never been more vital for parents to prepare children for the drug-filled environments they’re growing up in. It’s not just a matter of drugs being available – the drugs on the market have never been more deadly.