Karen Hadley in Alcohol Abuse
March 17, 2022

Alcohol’s “New Normal”

Our world has changed in the last few years, and along with those changes, patterns of alcohol consumption have shifted. But that shift may not be the one you expect.


Ren in Drug-Related News
December 15, 2021

Over 100,000 Lives Lost to Drugs; CDC Finalizes Overdose Fatalities for 2020

The United States just passed a grim milestone, the first time in recorded history when over 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in one year. It’s a painful wake-up call, and a call to action that something must be done about the drug addiction epidemic.


Ren in News
November 8, 2021

Drug Overdose Deaths Jumped Nearly 30 Percent During the Pandemic

Many public health experts believed that, partially because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was going to be the worst year yet for drug overdoses. They were right, and final numbers for the death toll exceeded even the most gloomy predictions.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
November 5, 2021

Awareness of Alcohol Addiction Soars, But Treatment Does Not

Even though Americans are aware that alcohol abuse is a problem in the U.S., the treatment gap is wider than ever. Reporting suggests that the gap recently went from 10% of alcohol addicts receiving treatment down to just 6%. What must be done to address this serious problem?


Ren in Opioid Crisis
July 28, 2021

Opioid Abuse Surged During the Pandemic – Treatment is the Answer for Those Now Addicted

There is compelling evidence that suggests opioid addiction and overdose rates soared during the Covid-19 pandemic. Was this a direct result of Covid-19? Or was it a continuation of America’s opioid addiction epidemic?


Ren in Alcohol Addiction
July 13, 2021

Death is Not the Only Negative Effect of Alcohol Misuse

When people consider drug or alcohol addiction, the most attention-grabbing, headline-worthy material is always the number of deaths caused by drinking or drug abuse. But as a recent study shows, death is only one of the serious and harmful outcomes of alcohol abuse. There are many others.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
May 5, 2021

New Study Shows Lockdowns Associated with Binge Drinking

Though lockdowns slow the transmission of COVID-19, they appear to increase the number of people who binge drink.


Karen Hadley in Alcohol
August 4, 2020

A Focus on Alcohol and COVID-19: Is There a Connection?

As countries around the world impose quarantines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, alcohol appears to be a complicating factor. Because so many confusing ideas are swirling through our news reports and social media, it's important to focus on the facts about alcohol and COVID-19.