Has Germany Avoided the Opioid Epidemic?

By many accounts, Germany has managed to escape the brunt of the opioid addiction crisis that is causing untold problems across much of the western world. Did they merely buy time? Or is this something other countries can learn from?


Ren in News
March 25, 2019

Three Countries and Their Drug Problems

We hear on the news these days that the U.S. struggles with an “opioid epidemic,” “an addiction crisis,” or a “national public health emergency.” All of this is true. But what we don’t hear about are the addiction struggles of other countries.


Ren in Drug Information
December 1, 2018

All About Heroin—How One of the World’s Oldest Drugs Made a Comeback in the 21st-Century

We have all likely heard of heroin, the drug whose very name inspires thoughts of sorrow and despair when we hear it spoken. Heroin’s wicked web of addiction and dependence of millions of people over the years has built a thoroughly bad reputation for this life-threatening drug.