Ren in Methamphetamine
December 2, 2020

Meth Addiction—A Rising Crisis in America

After several years of meth addiction becoming an increasingly severe problem, the media is only just now beginning to focus on it.


Ren in Prescription drugs
September 10, 2019

Individuals Are Finding It Hard to Get Off Antidepressants. Are They Addictive?

When we turn on the news and read about our nation’s drug addiction crisis, we are inundated with information about the opioid epidemic. We hear tag lines and keywords like “opioid overdoses,” “opiate addiction,” “the opioid epidemic,” “the opioid crisis,” and so on.


Ren in Drug Education
July 7, 2019

Financial Disaster and Addiction—A Near Constant Connection

In our efforts to study, research, treat, and understand addiction, it is safe to say that we have learned quite a bit about the subject as a whole. One of the principles we’ve been able to arrive at is that addiction is not merely a crisis that comes out of nowhere and besets a person.


Karen in Health risks
February 1, 2019

Eliminating Health Problems Could Start with Eliminating Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug use and excessive alcohol consumption cause and worsen a very long list of physical and mental illnesses. To maintain a healthy life, avoiding drug use, or recovering from addiction, are vital first steps.


Karen in Family Help
October 6, 2017

Youth Drug Use: What Subtle Signs Should Parents Be Looking For?

It’s very, very easy to miss the signs of drug use because drug users are trying to keep their use a secret. Parents need to know what subtle signs to look for to keep their children safe.


Sachi in Resource Guide
August 3, 2017

Do You Know the Signs & Symptoms of Drug Use?

When you suspect that someone you love is using drugs, it can be bewildering, stressful and confusing to determine what’s really going on. This chart was compiled to help you identify some of the signs and symptoms of common types of substances.