Ren in Family Addiction
October 22, 2020

Giving Birth to a Healthy Child Means Giving Up Alcohol AND Marijuana Prior to Conceiving

While much attention has been put on the use of mind-altering substances during pregnancy, new information shows that use of these substances, by either parent, before conception can impact brain development.


Ren in News
April 27, 2019

Children Are Being Exposed to Drugs Used to “Help” Address Addiction in Adults

To love and protect children is one of humanity's most important doctrines, one of the supreme, guiding principles of just being human. When we hear of a child’s suffering, it strikes a deep, painful chord in our very souls.


Ren in Legislation
March 17, 2019

Is Criminalizing Drug Use During Pregnancy the Answer?

I was surfing through U.S. News the other day when I came across a news story that really caught my eye. U.S. News posted an article titled, “Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Pregnant Women Abusing Drugs is Not Child Abuse.”Having worked in addiction treatment most of my adult life, this story hit close to home for me.


Ren in Drug Education
January 29, 2019

Is Drug Abuse the Result of Bad Parenting or a Lack of Drug Education?

Wouldn’t it be incredible if a parent could look their child in the eye and know, just know , exactly what was going to become a problem for that child in the future? Every parent wants to set their kids up for a successful and happy life just as much as they can.


Ren in Drug prevention
December 6, 2018

Teen Drinking and How to Prevent It

No parent wants to find out that their teen has a drinking problem. Parents want the best for their kids. Parents want their kids to have healthy and rewarding lifestyles, to do well in school and in activities of their own choosing, and to experience adolescence and young adulthood in a way that sets them up for a rewarding and pleasant adult life. But teen drinking throws a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans…


Karen Hadley in Drug Prevention
March 5, 2017

A Parent’s Challenge: Offset a Constant, Daily Deluge of Pro-Drug Messages

The majority of parents sit down with their kids and talk about drugs and alcohol, ensuring that their kids understand the consequences. But is it even possible to overcome all the pro-drug messages that they receive every day?